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Tapestry theme: RHS primary sidebar slipped to start at bottom of post comments

  1. Hi,

    Someone has just added this to the blog footer >>>

    "Secondary Sidebar Widget Area
    This is the Secondary Sidebar Widget Area. You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area."

    which has dropped my sidebar to begin after post comments instead of normally beginning at the top RHS.

    Oh boy !

    Ralph @

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Ralph,

    We deployed an update yesterday which has caused layout issues with some retired themes. Our theme developers are currently looking into the issue. I'll let you know when I have an update.


  3. Thanks Gemma :)

  4. We have implemented a fix for the underlying Genesis framework that powers your theme, so your site should be back to normal now. Please keep in mind that Tapestry is retired and no longer being updated, so it may stop working again in the future. We strongly recommend switching to a modern, responsive theme that adapts automatically to screens of different sizes, so your site will be readable on mobile phones and tablets. If you need help choosing a new theme, I'd be glad to help.

    Here are some free and premium magazine-style themes to get you started:

  5. Thanks Kokkieh, the fix has worked and my sidebar is back to normal.

    I have been using the Tapestry theme for a number of years and am quite upset that you have retired this theme without informing me as I am a premium member of WordPress. If it was not for this problem I would never have known.

    Due to my vibrating hands I am only able to use a laptop with a voice/ typing app. Smart phones and tablets are a no-no for me. So I will stick with the Tapestry theme.

    In the past I was unable to change themes once one was bought. On reading your reply it seems I am now able to unrestrictedly change themes. I assume theme prices are varied and changing themes can be a hassle and I don't really want to do it. Oh boy, I am now confused !

  6. A Premium Theme has nothing to do with having a Premium Plan subscription with us. Themes are once-off purchases, unlike plans that need to be renewed, and theoretically you can use a purchased theme for as long as you want.

    But as with any software the code eventually becomes dated, the theme no longer supports all the features on, and the continued cost of maintaining it just becomes too high. At that point we retire the theme. We don't send out notifications when this happens.

    You can keep on using the theme, but as the different coding languages evolve and we introduce new features and software updates, eventually the theme will start breaking. We still try to fix any bugs that occur, like in this case, but there will come a day where something will break that we simply won't be able to fix.

    Due to my vibrating hands I am only able to use a laptop with a voice/ typing app. Smart phones and tablets are a no-no for me.

    I understand this. But this does not apply to the people reading your blog. Having a responsive theme benefits your readers, and it has a huge impact on how search engines treat your site. That is why all new themes we, and anyone else make these days, are responsive.

    In the past I was unable to change themes once one was bought. On reading your reply it seems I am now able to unrestrictedly change themes.

    You bought Tapestry as a stand-alone upgrade in 2012. If you purchase a specific Premium Theme like this, you cannot switch to a different Premium Theme without purchasing the new one as well. But you can use the theme for as long as your site exists and the theme still works.

    However, we recently started including a limited selection of Premium Themes as part of the Premium Plan subscription. So for as long as you renew the Premium Plan, you can use any of those premium themes for free. But should you let the plan expire, you'll again only have Tapestry, the theme which you purchased.

    The Premium Plan includes a limited selection of Premium Themes, while the Business Plan will give you access to all Premium Themes we have available.

  7. Thank you for your long and interesting explanation for what is actually going on behind the scenes Kokkieh and at the moment I am still able to use the Tapestry theme which is a bit of a relief. WordPress constantly keeps us on our toes, doesn't it ?

    Could you do me a favour. Assuming that the basic code of all themes is the same, must be, as things like the dashboard wouldn't work, could you ask WP how much it would cost me to have my theme code upgraded to cover the future problems you mentioned ?

  8. The entire framework on which your theme is built is outdated, so to update it would actually require rewriting your theme from scratch. We also don't own that framework, or the code that makes up your theme, so rewriting it is not an option from a copyright and licensing perspective. It would be against the law for us to do so, even if cost and developer time wasn't an issue.

    We'll keep fixing bugs in your theme as needed and if it's something that can be fixed, so hopefully it will still work for some time.

  9. Whoa ! Gets even more complicated !

    Anyway, thank you for the info and being there in case something else needs to be fixed in the future.

    I will write a part post on retiring themes linking this thread.


  10. Glad I could help, though I'm sorry I couldn't give you the answers you wanted to hear :)

    If anything breaks, let us know and we'll always do our best!

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