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Tarantulas! Why are you scared?

  1. I keep tarantulas, and decided to make a blog dedicated to my collection :) so far it isn't that out there yet, and with only a few post, but I will be updated weekly :)

    So if you're interested in tarantulas, let me know!

    If you're not interested, or scared of tarantulas let me know why too!

    I could use this info to try and attract people into learning more about tarantulas!

    maybe you guys can state here: what is a tarantula to you? why are they scary? what would make you more interested in learning about tarantulas?




    Did you know tarantulas have their own language when attracting a mate? They play the drums with their 'front hands'. Each species has their own specific rhythm! Kinda like a bird singing!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I hate any spider, if I saw a tarantula I would probably have a heart attack and certainly die. If I see anything as big as my thumb nail I freeze in fear, too many legs, too many eyes, I could spot a spider if I was looking the opposite way, I can sense their movements!

  3. does this keep you from wanting to get over your fear? or do you have no interest in that?

    do you think more knowledge about tarantulas or any kind of spider would help?

  4. I think killing as many as possible suits me just fine to be honest, anything smaller than a cat I'm not a fan of

  5. Well then I won't be subscribing to your website. Those pictures are giving me the shivers.

    I guess spiders have the act of surprising you. Do you realise I nearly failed an exam, due to a spider?

  6. Oh wow, that must be horrible for you :( however, you can't really blame the spider that you nearly failed your exam. You must blame your lack of self control, in controlling your fear.

    I find my collection surprising everyday. Sometimes I go look inside their tanks and they created something new out of the terrarium, or flipped over the water dish, and rearrandged the flower pots in their container to suite the 'new web' of furniture they built that week.

  7. It all worked out in the end. I asked my teacher to kill it :)

  8. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    I'm not afraid of spiders. I don't like them, I don't dislike them. I do not like mosquitoes or bugs though, so I'm always glad to see spiders out doing what they do.
    Could you imagine how many bugs we would have if we didn't have spiders. Yuck.
    That blue spider on your blog is quite lovely.

  9. thanks so much :) the diversity of tarantulas and spiders in a whole always intrigues me. I am trying to get people to see the beauty in the things they don't usually notice everyday, but so far it's not working too well with my tarantula site. I'll think of something!!

    Heres the beauty people miss each day ;D

  10. Not everyones scared of spiders, it's a matter of taste really, I have friends that are obsessed with snakes. Keep at it :)

  11. Daddy longlegs are the worst kind. They always fly right towards you.

  12. thanks ardpete, I appreciate it :) It's just sad how it was mostly movies that made spiders into the scary reputation they have today x(

    daddy longlegs are pretty cool imo.. but i like all biased :D lol

  13. I killed a daddy long legs last night, it was more like a GRAND daddy long legs, didnt dare touch it, had to scoop it into an empty cigarette packet...

  14. nevershagagreek

    I grew up out in the country where tarantulas were no stranger to me. I always really liked them! Sure, there was the added bonus of freaking out my sister and earning some "street cred" with the boys, but my best friend and I would always pick them up and "pet" them. They are, after all, quite furry. I was under the impression as a child that tarantulas can't bite. Turns out they can (although as you know it won't likely do any harm unless you have a weird allergy)! Fortunately I was never bitten so I'm still a big fan :-)

    Fascinating little creatures. I look forward to reading your blog!!

  15. I have had arachnophobia since I was a little girl; I'm now fifty! However, over the past decade, I've "matured" in this matter. My daughter loves spiders and will save them if she has the chance. I have learned from her and have done the same; a BIG accomplishment in my book. Years ago, though, I wrote a funny poem about spiders, which is on my blog. Regarding tarantualas, we found one in our living room a few years ago, on a hot, summer evening. "He" slipped through a crack in the screen door. Luckily, he wasn't a fast mover and my husband put him outside where he could be happy again. The creepy thing is, "he" was a dark spot on the carpet, which I almost touched. Thank God, I had the smarts to turn on the lights first. If I had touched him, I probably would have had a heart attack! It's the legs, many, and they always seem to startle me! But, I know they're good for our environment, too. :)

  16. In my prior post, I spelled tarantulas's late! :)

  17. I stroked a Tarantula once. All furry and quite cute really. But then she moved.....enough. But I won't ever kill a spider no matter how big. I trap them in a pint glass, slip a beer mat or envelope behind and put them outside.

  18. Wow such a great story nevasharagreek! thanks for sharing! :) I am glad you still like them. I am sure if I was bit, I'd still keep my girls! :)

    1scotthoughts - so nice to share your proggression with spiders, no matter the age it's always good to see the change! :D
    Though, I wish I found a tarantula on my floor that wasn't already in my collection haha! You must have lots of luck!

    Usually is it male tarantulas you find inside houses, or roaming around outside. They are looking for females and are usually only months from dying. They mate as much as they can, and once they've served that purpose they expire quickly.
    Males life span is from 6months to 2-3years depending on the species. However, male rose hairs have been known to live 12 years.
    Females life span -10-30yrs depending on the species.

    gracerober - :D awesome! we need more of you! :)

  19. and I can't edit my horrible grammar. My spell check turned off...

  20. becomingcliche

    Your most recent post has some wonderful pictures. I have snakes, so spiders don't bother me. I also work at a zoo, and I have to be able to handle the ones in our collection and show them to the public.

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