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target="_blank" deleted from comment URLs

  1. How to open URLs in comment in a new page?

  2. I think that only URL's in your blogroll can be changed to open up links in a new window. I guess you can do what I do, "right click" on the link and open in a new window that way.


  3. Opening anything in a new window is widely considered to be *a bad thing*.

  4. Bad thing or not, why enforce that? In blog posts too you can open the link in a new page. That is a default option when using the window to put the link(instead of html coding).

  5. I noticed this myself yesterday. I don't like it being stripped. It may be bad netiquette but I prefer to have the link open in a new page.

  6. Well yes - but it is unsurprising that WP and theme authors follow best practise.

  7. I'm a bit lost here. Are we saying that it gets stripped out of posts or comments or what? I just tried in within a post and it worked fine for me.


    edit: I agree with it being bad form but seems like to be that staff is more interested in keeping to the web X/HTML standards and it's allowed still in there. (Well, it was last time I checked.)

  8. I think this might be one of those situations where blindly following validation does not equal best practice. New windows are a real nuisance from the useability, accessibilty standpoint. In proper browsers there is no need for them anyway. :)
    WP are not going to get excited over this.

  9. Yes, but remember that not all of us can have proper browsers. If you want to take on the state of North Carolina and their love for IE...

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