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Tarski theme has lost my comments

  1. The new theme will not display any of my comments that I had before I started using it. It shows I have comments but does not show them when clicked on to see them.

    Also If a comment is made it is posted to the wrong post. Any idea when this will be fixed and if I will ever get my old comments back?

  2. Maybe try sending in a feedback and see if that helps.

  3. It's noted - we'll get that fixed.

  4. Guess it was not fixed this morning as I approved a comment and it went to the wrong post. Let me know when this is fixed,until then no more comments will get approved.

  5. Just noticed now it is not even showing the # of comments. I hope this because it is being worked on and not because they have all been deleted.

  6. well, fixed it changing themes.

  7. That happened to me, too. I went back to 'Cutline'

  8. yep, if you add any comments they add on to the first post and not the one you want.
    How do you send feed back?

  9. @goldcoaster:

    Click on Dashboard and then you can send Feedback (upper right) from any page in the Dashboard.

  10. Podz already replied to this and said they will fix it. These are the support forums so posting here is like sending feedback. Funny, I changed to cutline also.:)

  11. well, I cannot technically mark this as resolved yet, since as far as I know it has not been fixed.arrgghhh!

  12. so posting here is like sending feedback

    Agreed but why leave a voice mail when you can call them directly? :)

    Staff has also stated that, when it comes to theme issues, actual feedback is best so that a ticket is created and someone can look at it.

  13. Just going to mark this as resolved then since I have changed to another theme.

  14. Still would like to see it dealt with.

  15. sunburntkamel suggests in the news blog comments that this problem is related to the Recent Posts widget. So if anyone else is still experiencing problems with comments and doesn't want to switch themes, try getting rid of Recent Posts and see whether that helps.

  16. I am also experiencing this, except I do have comments - it's just the same comment for every post, and it's a comment from last week. This is annoying, because I don't want to remove my recent posts widget, but would like to keep this theme. Oh well...guess I'll go back to one that works.

  17. I am having the same problems with Tarski:

    The most recent comment is shown on all the posts, and none of the other comments show. Also, when I approved the comments, they were connected to the wrong post.

    When I switched to another theme, the new comments are still sitting on the wrong posts. I'll make a separate new post here to ask how I can move comments to the correct post.

  18. Well , I have switched to tarski yesterday,discovered that problem ,came here and realized that , "I have to change theme"

    But frankly speaking , tarski is really a nice theme to look at. Cool view. But I guess I should not mess up with my blog settings. So , I am changing. But as soon as they fix it up , I am gonna switch it again.

  19. This should be fixed now.

  20. Ah! So someone else is having the 'comments going to the wrong post' problem. It's so weird! I thought I was going nuts! :) As of today, this isn't resolved. Guess I'll go and leave theme feedback like mentioned, try removing the recent posts widget (though like someone said, I really want to keep it), and wait for a bit. :)

  21. I am having the same issue. I see the proper number of comments from posts, but when I click to view them, it says 'No Comments' at the bottom of my page.


  22. I have another problem with Tarski - post's comment is displayed in left sidebar and not under the post!

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