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Tarski theme - post author?

  1. I recently changed themes to use the Tarksi theme. I am very happy with it, except that it seems not to have an option to mark each post "posted by Melanie" the way my old theme did. Is that a function of this particular theme, that I can't set it to do that, or am I missing something? My blog is

    Thanks for any help you can give - I'm sure it's me, but I wanted to check.

  2. It is theme-dependent.

  3. Hmmm, that stinks. Thanks for the quick response, though!

  4. You're welcome. Try using the names of the authors as categories, which will make them searchable.

  5. You can also have your authors us a "byline" at the beginning of their posts.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions, but it's just me posting. It's just that there's nowhere else on the main page that says who I am, and my old theme marked each post "posted by Melanie" and I kind of liked it. Oh well.

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