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Tasteful New WP Themes Coming

  1. I heard that sunburntkamel said is about to release some new very tasteful themes soon. Extremely innovative because they're cyberworld's first edible themes. Vanilla, chocolate, even blueberry. Is there any truth to this?

  2. I haven't a clue. We are still waiting for Matt to respond to this thread

    I have seen Blueberry Boat ... meh ... another narrrow blue theme meh ... meh ...

    If they aren't 3 columns and don't have a customizable header, as well as, all the same templates for pages that Sadish's MistyLook theme has I'm not interested.

  3. I know, but can you really eat them if you're hungry? Or is sunburntkamel just getting our hopes up?

  4. Who knows what kamel is up to? I've been answering questions all morning and have email piling up on several accounts I haven't even looked at yet. Speaking of hungry I'm going to eat some lunch now. ;)

  5. Yummm...But just think, if we had edible themes, you wouldn't have to leave for lunch. You could just nibble on your theme. kamel has good ideas.

  6. I'm looking for a BBQ ribs theme...But low-cal. Any hope?

  7. I'd love to get my hands on some Chocolate.
    Anyone have any ideas if this, in fact, does make it to the menu and how soon?

  8. "But just think, if we had edible themes"

    I wonder what I would get:

    ....someone just ATE MY THEME!!!!!!!

    ....I think my theme is going mouldy.
    It is, you need to blog more.

    ....Do you offer a low-cal, vegan friendly, fairtrade theme?

    ....Where is the list of ingredients please?

    ....I have my own recipe, can you mix it for me?

  9. This is true. I worked at a cafe and a woman once asked for a vegan, decaf, non-fat, dairy-free, no-egg eggnog latte.

    I bet she's at LiveJournal.

    But...surely they're working on a beer theme?

  10. If it's beer, it's gotta be a Grolsch based. I'd be an eager beaver for it!

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