Teach me to increase the size of the photo blog

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    Hello, I’m wondering, how do I do to increase the size of my photo on my blog http://www.esquinadanoticia.wordpress.com – the photo is too small. If you can teach me the step by step, I’ll be grateful.

    Cimberley Cáspio

    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is esquinadanoticia.wordpress.com.


    This isn’t a CSS issue. Some of your photos were very small when you upload and inserted them. You need to upload and insert larger images and then always insert them at “full-sized” and then the image will be inserted at the maximum width for the theme you are using.

    Secondly, you have chosen a very old, very narrow theme, so the maximum photo width is going to be around 500-550px. The theme can be widened with CSS, but the main thing is going to be your images. none of them appear to be even as wide as the 500-550px that the theme will take.


    Thanks anyway for trying to help me, but if I could speak in a language to lay more than for someone familiar with the language of computers, I shall be grateful too.

    Cimberley Caspio


    Hi Cimberley, you cannot increase the size of photos to be bigger than the original upload.

    Here is an example post:

    And here is a link to the original image from that post:

    To use a larger image, you must find a larger original version and re-upload and re-insert it.

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