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Teacher begging for help accessing files on wordpress blog

  1. I LOVE wordpress for my students and bought a new domain name so I could access my blog at work. That worked, but does me no good b/c all of my files still have "" attached and are blocked by our district's firewall. I requested that "" be added to our list of approved domains and was cleared, but I still cannot access anything I have saved as media (namely jpegs, word docs and PPTs) and have placed on pages or within posts. Anyone have a way I could get this enabled? THANK YOU!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid we can't help you. Only staff can; either yours or's.

    All media files will always have the root URL of your domain. Sounds like your IT staff have got to get on that.

  3. Actually, your files are under so you'll need to ask them to whitelist that.

    Of course, you could ask them to whitelist all of instead. ;)

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