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    I want to use the blog to teach a course. But I want the pages only to be available on certain dates, and to certain students (they will start courses on different dates). How can I do this without setting up a blog for each student? Anyone else tried to do this?

    The blog I need help with is iproducciones.wordpress.com.


    Hey @iproducciones!

    Setting up a separate blog for each student sounds like a lot of work : ). The best way to set something like this up would be to create a user for each student and make the pages you only want available at certain times private. You can find a list of user roles here it also goes over the process of allowing access to private pages at the bottom of that article.

    The other option you have is Password Protection for each page. The issue you may see here is that the password would be the same for all students and you would need to change it every time you wish to revoke access to a student.

    Let me know what you think of these options, I would be glad to assist you setting either of these up!




    I think that may cover everything that I need. I will take a few days to experiment and will get back here. Maybe I could change the password to each page once a week, and send that to the students at that need that part of the course… hmmmmm !!

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