Teamplte Glitch?

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    We are using the Ideation and Intent template, and even though I have entered what we would like in the second side bar with the widgets, it doesn’t show up. A little help? Second request. Thanks! (email redacted)
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    From the theme’s description >

    A second sidebar is available to use, but only if you choose to do so. You can customize its display by adding any number of widgets via Appearance → Widgets. Please note that this sidebar will only display if it has been populated with widgets. It will also be hidden when viewing single posts and pages.

    If you did that and it failed please post again.


    Thanks for the reply. I have selected the widgets and it just doesn’t show up. Is there something in another menu that I should be turning on?

    Can you explain further what you mean by this? “It will also be hidden when viewing single posts and pages.” Shouldn’t it show up on any pages, and at least the static home page?



    When you are on your front page and you click a post or page title that post or page opens on it’s own page. There the widgets do not display because the theme has not been designed for them to display on “single posts and pages”. They display only on the front page of the theme.



    “They display only on the front page of the theme.”
    That’s misleading: the second sidebar won’t show up on the blog front if you’ve set it to display a static page. It shows up on dynamic pages (the main posts page as well as category and other archive pages); check the theme demo:

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