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*tear, tear*

  1. Remember my kitty Bambi? We brought him to the vet a while ago, and yesterday he was put to sleep. He has been buried at my BFF's house along with his favorite rug and his personalized handmade placemat. He was 110 kitty years old, 15.5 human years.

    His remaining food, litter, toys, and pillow will be donated to our local cat shelter in his name. Love ya Bambi!

  2. I'm so sorry Chica! Was he sick or just old?

  3. nosysnoop: i think it was a combination of both, if i recall the nature of the discussion about chicablog's cat a while ago...

  4. Was that the blue cat in her avatar once?

  5. blue cat? haha, i don't remember that, sorry... is it blue because it's sick or it's probably not the cat she's talking about...

  6. it was blue beacuse of the crappy camera I used.

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