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teaser before password protecting a post/page

  1. is it possible to leave a teaser before password protect a post or a page? i've seen in done in a wordpress-installed blog so i don't think it's possible in a blog, but i'd like to make sure

  2. I'm running for my bus but in 2 seconds so i can't check but what about the Optional Except along the bottom of the Write Post page? Can't remember if that's what that is for.

  3. oh so that's what that's for... i shall check it out, thanks. hope you made it in time for your bus!

  4. sadly, thr's no optional excerpts for pages - so how? anything else i can do?

  5. @sulz - excuse me for saying DUH but I don't know what is meant by a "teaser".

  6. eh, i thought i should be saying duh and you should be saying uh? ... but i digress.

    teaser is a that little paragraph one writes before proceeding to the real article, like how a blogger would do before clicking the more button in the write post page, then writing some more.

    ... DUH! =P

  7. Instead of seeing "This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below", you would see the Optional Except.

    By the way, did that work? I still haven't had a chance to try it.

  8. optional excerpts are thr for posts but not pages... so if i want to put a teaser in a page, how?

  9. Create two pages. One for your teaser text, which then links to your password-protected page.

  10. Make the second one Private as well so it doesn't show up in the Page Lists.

  11. great ideas! thanks wrathchild and drmike

  12. I tried the "optional excerpt" method, but it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else managed to do this?

  13. why use the optional excerpt when you can use the more tag when writing posts? but yea i don't really know what's the op. ex for anyway

  14. @sulz
    This is just to let you know that the "more" tag has a bug. If you use it the feed readers stop reading when they hit the tag. So if you have your own blogs on the feed reader account to creat a back-up you're hooped. It has been reported and is being worked on.

  15. but i've set my feeds to not show the full posts, so that's fine by me anyway. i like it better if my feed readers read it from my blog so they get to read the sidebar as well - you never know what might interest them there.

  16. What I meant was actually that I had tried using the "Optional Excerpt" method to place a teaser for my password-protected post, but it didn't work. The "more..." tag doesn't do anything for that either.

  17. Best bet would be to raise the issue via a feedback with a pointer to this thread so that staff notices the point has been raised.

  18. What has to be done to get the 'Optional Excerpt' to work?

    No matter what I put in the box it doesn't show up in the page.

  19. Why do you guys list these posts as "Resolved" when the solutions posted here don't work? Just wondering.

  20. I've edited the above two posts - sigs are not used in the forums. Thanks.

  21. Oh dear.
    Links removed lead to blogs we do not permit.
    Blogs removed as they break the ToS.

  22. mystic: i put resolved because there was a workaround solution provided by wrathchild and drmike.

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