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    The Technocrati page suggested that I have auto=pinging whenever I add a new blog entry. They provide directions on how to do that on WordPress:

    Ping Technorati using WordPress
    « All Technorati ping configurations

    Log in to your WordPress weblog.

    Select “Options” from the top menu.

    Select “Writing” from the sub-menu.

    The last option on the page is “Update Services.” Add Technorati’s ping server as a new line within the Update Services text box.

    If Ping-o-Matic ( appears in the text box you are configured to ping Technorati as well as many other ping locations via a relay service. We recommend pinging Technorati directly with every new post and update.

    I followed the instructions, but can’t find “Update Services.” Any suggestions?


    We don’t have that option here at They are referring to self-hosted blogs using the software downloaded from If you are self-hosted, then you need to inquire over at since the software used here is different.



    Okay. Thanks a lot.



    You’re welcome and happy blogging.



    You can also just bookmark the ping page at technorati. Then click on your bookmark to automatically do a ping.

    Just click “Ping Us” link at bottom of enter your URL, then click Ping, then bookmark the result page. If you bookmark the result page, you’ll see your URL in the query string of the bookmark page’s URL. When you click your bookmark, it will do another ping at technorati.

    Another good pinging service is google blogs:

    I don’t know if this is included in the default automatic pinging services. I’ve been doing this by hand.



    Could we please have your cooperation when it comes to these bloggers from We do not provide support for any bloggers other than bloggers.

    When you answer questions they ask after they have already been directed to the correct support forum you can confuse future readers of these forum threads because and operate on different software and sometimes different answers apply. Once you note a blogger is referring to a blog in any forum thread has been directed to the correct forum please do not post additonal information, okay?

    In the case of every blog has pingomatic automatically pinging technorati and other services for us as soon as we publish a post. We cannot use the embed that was suggested above by the blogger. And do not need to as it’s already built into our software software here. :)

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