technocratic tags – is it useful?

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    I have been using technocratic tags, simply because it is available on windows live writer(which i use to publish posts)
    Does it have any use?
    Than you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you mean “Technorati” tags? If so, stop using them, because tags function as technorati tags automatically, and you don’t want duplication. If you mean something else, please explain.


    Thank you Raincoaster.
    You are right. I meant “Technorati tags”. And, I will stop using it.

    However, I have a few more questions:
    1/ Could the duplication cause any technical problem now or in the future? If so, is there a way to remove Technorati tags from all my posts, without having to open and edit each post?
    Or…should I leave it (previous Technorati tags) as it is and abandon the duplication in the future?

    2/ What about using other tag providers? Can I and should I? My publishing tools(windows live writer) prompts me to ‘insert tags’ with the following options:- 43 Things, BuzzNet,, Flickr, IceRocket, LiveJournal, Technorati.
    Can I or should I use any of those?

    3/ My publishing tool allows me to add ‘Tag Providers’. But I need to insert the ‘HTML template for tags’ of WordPress to do that. But I don’t know where to get that. If I that is possible, I would be able to publish my posts with WordPress tags automatically.

    Thanx again.



    1 Yes and yes. You can bulk-edit categories from the Category page of the dashboard.

    2 Don’t. What are you thinking of? If you use more than about 12 or so tags and/or categories in a post, will assume you are a spammer and remove ALL your SEO.

    3 Not relevant, since even attempting this would be a bad idea.



    When you said ‘Do you mean “Technorati” tags? If so, stop using them, because tags function as technorati tags automatically, and you don’t want duplication’,
    are you referring to “Technorati” tags for a BLOG or for INDIVIDUAL POSTS?

    i just joined Technorati. it asked me for about 18 tags to best describe my BLOG. should i have left them blank instead to avoid conflicts?

    many thanks



    There are two aspects to this.
    Do you enter tags for the BLOG on your blog details page on the Technorati site? Yes.
    Do you add Tecnorati tags to your POSTS? No



    Regarding the combined number of categories and tags on any post see here please. >



    For guidance on using Technorati, your best bet is Google.

    Yes, use tags to describe your blog there. As far as I know they never do any good, but they don’t do any harm.



    thank you. it’s a relief to know that i could enter tags for the blog. and i haven’t put any tages to my posts.

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