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    Hi WordPress!

    Thank you for the announcement of 24-7 support. I love wordpress and its dedicated staff. I always receive response; yet my problems persist.

    1. My comments on other blogs of wordpress are not displayed of late.
    2. My posts published on wordpress do not get published in technocrati and delicious. I have tried but I don’t succeed.
    Please look into it. I am a lay man; kindly explain to me in a very easy way.




    This isn’t the best way to contact staff, but you don’t need to contact staff to get those questions answered.

    1) either you’re commenting on blogs that moderate comments or you’re being sent to the spam file. If you leave a comment on my blog I can see which it is and then we can go from there. If you’re being sent to Spam you need to contact Akismet directly:

    2) if two separate sites aren’t indexing you it probably means your pings are not getting through. Normally this is automatically done through Pingomatic, but you can manually ping them as well. There’s a ping page on Technorati; the link is at the bottom of every page on Technorati. I’m sure delicious has something similar.

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