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Technology = cuteness ?

  1. I found this vid on cisco's "digital cribs," it helps me to think of technology as pink and friendly.... nerds are so cool.


  2. well, nerds are definitely sexy now...they are the new trend in boyfriends. I like nerd guys cause they are so damn adorable. But, I'm going back to liking the rough mountain climber guys, cause they are strong enough to pick me up and sex is better...whoops too much information :0 LOL

    And, by the way, technology has always been pink and friendly as far as I'm concerned.

  3. here here!

  4. Aw1923, you had me convinced that this was the penthouse forum!

  5. Well, whatever gets you up is fine with me :) Seriously, I will try to keep it more PG, I promise....actually I can't make that promise :/

  6. stop spamming you idiot

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