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    Did it once before but can’t figure it out again….I would like to add (#1)a link to an Internet site containing some of my other writing, and (#2) PDFs of other writing to my WP site. Do I do this by adding another page? That’s what I did back in December when I first started trying to use WP, but it “disappeared” (I don’t recall deleting it, but who knows).

    Essentially, I’d like to have my main page have headers at the top for Home, About, Contact, and My Writing, with links in the last one to the above-stated documents, plus a link to a previous (non WP) blog I wrote several years ago.

    Sorry for the cluelessness of this post, but I really am basically clueless. So before I go out and buy a copy of WordPress for Dummies, I thought I’d stop by here.

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Use the Links page of the dashboard (which is connected to the Links widget) to add the links to external sites.

    You can upload PDFs just like uploading images, and put them in your blog posts via a text link. You could create a custom menu with the link to the uploaded PDFs in the header, but most people don’t really like opening PDFs without a warning, because they slow things down so much.


    Thanks, Raincoaster. I have one more question about links…is it possible to add more than one URL to a category link? For example, I was able to add a “Fiction” category link to my page, but could only include one short story, i.e. one URL. Seemed odd that there wouldn’t be a way to include multiple URLs, but I couldn’t see it.

    Thanks again.



    If you want to organize things that way, you need to read this:

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