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  1. when i claim, i forgot to get the code to embed on sidebar. now, i dont know where to look for it. please help. thanks.

  2. raincoster,

    as i have said, i already claimed the blog some two weeks ago, but i forgot to get the code to embed technorati on my sidebar. i tried doing to steps on the FAQ but the problem is ive already claimed the blog. the FAQ states that after claiming the blog, there will appear a code to embed it on the sidebar. I was trying to 're-claim' the blog but it wont let me. How do i get that code now? I tried pasting the code on the FAQ link to no avail.


  3. You have to go to Technorati to get the claim code for your blog. They supply the code - wordpress does not. Mark provided an example only in the FAQs to use it for demonstration purposes.

  4. Try asking on their support forum too:

  5. The embed script that Technorati gives you doesn't work as it's a javascript and those are removed from all user input due to security concerns. To answer the question though: -> login -> the edit link on the upper right where the login was

    Brings you to the My Account page

    Click on the Blogs tab.

    Click on the Edit Settings for the blog in question.

    Take a look at the bottom half of the page. :)

    Do note though that the 'Embed Display' won't work here at as it's a javascript. The favorite buttons will though.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Thanks, guys!

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