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Technorati and Google times are a changing

  1. (1) Have you noticed your Technorati authority descending?

    (2) Are still entering link exchanges and creating a lengthy blogroll of links that neither Google nor Technorati are giving credence to?

    (3) Do you have RSS feeds or Atom feeds set up on your blogs?

    (4) Are your RSS or Atom feeds set to "partial" or to "full"?

    (5) How much do you know about "natural linking patterns" ?

    (6) How do you plan to adapt your blogging to make the best of these changes?

    It seems the sleeping Technorati dragon has awoken and the times they are a changing. They have made and continue to make changes that bring their evaluation of Technorati authority more in line with how Google is determining authority based on natural linking patterns.

    Read what the changes for calculating Technorati authority are here:
    Technorati tune-up

    Read and find out what "natural linking patterns" are and how to develop such a blogging strategy here:
    Natural Linking Strategy for Bloggers

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm amazed no one posted to this thread. Major changes have taken place and yet, bloggers seem unaware of them.

  3. Nobody here has had any use for Technorati for at least a year, which is when they started departing from reality. News that they are almost as good as google and using the same algorithms is not really news, since we already HAVE google.

    It is possible for a business to suck for so long that people simply abandon it and it becomes irrelevant, however great it suddenly becomes. Look at Friendster. LinkedIn overcame that simply because business people are slower to adapt to communications technology than social users are.

  4. pornstarbabylon

    I gave up many many months ago. I was never properly indexed and last I checked, I couldn't even find my Technorati authority. So I just stopped looking. I only use Tenchorati to ping if that makes sense. lol

    I deal with so much behind the scenes drama with my blog that I now spend all available time on it and seriously don't care anymore with rank, traffic, authority, or indexing.

    I've also tried to concentrate more on original writing. I'm not a natural born writer making it harder on me. I've also tried to be more professional which my readers have told me that me trying to be more professional has ruined my blog. lol So I don't care anymore about everything else. I just blog.

  5. Quite aside from the changes to authority, Technorati purchased BlogCritics a month ago. They also have Paid writing opportunities for bloggers that some bloggers may be interested in.

  6. pornstarbabylon

    Thanks. No adult sections though. As in most cases. lol

  7. I use Technorati for its ping when the wordpress one seems stuck. Works every time. Not much use to me otherwise.

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