Technorati blocked by robots?

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    I recently signed up for Technorati, hoping to gain more traffic by appearing in its search engine. However, I have been having trouble verifying my blogs with the site. I successfully verified Google, Yahoo, and Bing with no problem. Now Technorati gives me a message when I try verifying my blogs. This is what it says: Our access is explicitly blocked by your robots.txt file. Please grant access to TechnoratiBot. For more information about Robots.txt, please see

    Does anybody know how to get around this? I have my privacy settings set to public, so why can’t Technorati access my blogs?

    The blog I need help with is



    Technorati are totally wrong.
    They are not blocked and I will be amazed if a real person at Technorati says we are blocking them.



    I have problems with technorati, i simply dont like the service technorati provides


    Check your settings. Dashboard -> Settings -> Privacy. Make sure you have a dot in “I would like my site to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archive”.

    Also Technorati demand some specific feed but I can’t remember what it is. Is it just full feed they want? It’s probably written on their site…


    Maybe not a relevant comment since Google and Bing have access. Sorry…



    They demanded a feed from each blog, which somewhat confused me. I read their instructions, which said to click on the RSS link on my page, which I did. But I am curious why the RSS link took me to a google page. The google page had two options, one was “add to my igoogle page” and I can’t remember the other one. Did I find the wrong feed URL?



    This is the correct URL for your feed for posts



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