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Technorati blog claim

  1. I am trying to get my WP blog ( "claimed" on technorati. When I go to claim it I keeping getting a "The URL you provided is invalid. Please check the URL and try again." message. Is there something I need to do?

    Appreciate your help.
    Social Steve

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I also can not claim my wp blog ( Will some one help us?

  3. It is a problem at Technorati.

  4. I too have this problem I wonder when it will be solved :(

  5. I am able to claim many of my blogs at Technorati, so I advise anyone experiencing this error to first contact Technorati. If it turns out to be an issue on our side, please contact support and let us know. explains the correct process you should be using.

  6. Claiming WordPress blogs seems to be working fine -- and are both claimed. Not sure what trouble you're seeing?

  7. postalheritage

    Technorati said "Please make sure your claim code appears exactly as it was provided in your blog feed (either RSS or Atom)" and then gave me a code which was a mix of 10 letters and numbers. What do I do?

  8. The site linked to your name isn't a blog, and we won't be able to provide answers applicable to it. If you do have a blog, please change that link on your Profile Page, under "Website".

  9. @postalheritage -- you want to claim, right?
    Just paste the code you got into a blog post, and then go back to the "claim your blog" page on Technorati for this blog (where it gave you the code), and click the button to Complete Claim.

  10. @postalheritage: you want to claim, right? Just paste the code you got into a blog post, and then go back to the claim page (where you got the code) and click the button to Complete Claim

  11. Technorati uses OpenID, which is a program of the government. There are more details on the OpenID page and links to government information on their clandestine program of having a national ID for everyone.

  12. John, What happen?????? LOL

  13. postalheritage

    @technoeric Many thanks!

  14. pornstarbabylon

    Did you place the full url starting with http:?

  15. bats - just thought people should know what they are getting into up front. :)

  16. Well thank you because that's not something I want to get into. :)

  17. Open ID is NOT a program of the government. It has been adopted BY the government. It was started by a non-governmental group to allow people to sign into multiple sites on the internet without having to sign up for and remember bazillions of usernames and passwords.

    Whether that means that the government will now be going though your digital underwear drawer is yet to be seen.

  18. Hi there....

    I'm trying to claim my blog (, but I'm always getting either a 402 or redirect error.

    What happens is that Technorati bot goes through a bunch of entries and then stops all of a sudden and I'm not sure if there's a way to fix it.

    Any help is appreciated.

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