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Technorati Meltdown

  1. Authority is supposed to be the number of blogs that have linked to you three or more times in six months, whereas I think (but am not sure) that rank relates to the TOTAL number of blogs who linked to you in that time.

  2. @singularcontiguity - what you wrote means nothing to me - sorry. Are you saying that yes, the PRP are considered links for Technorati or not?

    @raincoaster - I don't think it's looking at the thread. It's looking at something on your blog because it had your url in it. Here's what it shows:

    vivianpaige Member May 15th, 2008 at 12:10 am

    Does that help you figure it out?

    And here is what Technorati says about Authority:

    Technorati Authority is the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has.

    It is important to note that we measure the number of blogs, rather than the number of links. So, if a blog links to your blog many times, it still only count as +1 toward your authority.

    So if I read that right, you've had 202 unique blogs link to you in the last 6 months, while I've had 145.

  3. I wonder about that six month thing. Is it there to indicate some kind of "hotness" and not have people slacking their way to the top with dead ten year old links? I think there is an innate unfairness in there somewhere because who has the time or energy to be constantly asking people to "renew" their links?

    I agree with Rain that bloggers need some kind of "rating thing" on the net that more or less objectively rates blogs, but Technorati is disappointing.

  4. What I mentioned doesn't have to do so much with Technorati as with the Possibly Related Posts. It occurred to me that there's enough information available that you could actually leave the Possibly Related Posts enabled, but set up a CSS rule in the custom CSS with an appropriate selector and a property of "display:none;" so that the related posts wouldn't actually show to your site's visitors - but your posts would still show up as Possibly Related Posts on other people's blogs.

    What I was checking for was whether a similar trick could be used to eliminate either (a) any other blogs (what I understood you were trying to do) or (b) non blogs (what I understood raincoaster to be wishing for). Neither of those appears to be possible.

    Does that make more sense?

  5. I think engtech over at did a CSS trick like that, then changed to disable it, so he updated. No word on whether or not the newest version of the hack still works.

    Vivian, it's looking at the thread POSTED IN my blog. So everyone who posted in that thread got at least one link from my blog. I took the whole thing, links to your blog and all, and posted it in my post; Technorati counts all of those as links. The comments on my blog don't count, but the comments in the thread that ALSO got posted to my blog DO count.

  6. I think the ranking is based on the number of links, whereas the authority is based on the number of blogs who link to you. So if you have a few who link a lot, your ranking will go up but your authority won't. I'm seeing that on my gossip blog, which is part of a daily link conspiracy. Rank goes up, authority stays flat.

    For at least a while they were saying Authority was blogs who'd linked three or more times. Then that apparently changed, and my Authority went down. That is yet another thing that makes no sense at all.

  7. neath - as I understand it, the philosophy behind the 6-month limit is that they're not really trying to measure how many people are linking to you via blogrolls or the like, but rather how many people are actively writing posts that comment on things you've recently written.

    If it worked, the net effect would be to reward people for provoking a reaction. I'm not sure I think its a good thing to reward people for simply provoking a reaction, though - I've often wondered how many hits on the "creation science" and "intelligent design" websites are generated by people writing about how awful their arguments are...

  8. @singularcontiguity - got it. And rain is right - engtech came up with the code, it worked, changed it and a subsequent change by engtech doesn't work (at least not in all browsers)

    @raincoaster - ah ha. I see what you mean. The thread you copied into your post. Got it.

  9. Here's the Technorati FAQ about authority and rank. According to this, if you have more ( = higher = farther from zero) authority, your rank should be lower ( = better = closer to 1).

  10. I didn't know about engtech having worked through the hack for that. I'd initially considered it in relation to unwanted adsense, which might be suppressible with a similar hack. Personally, I'm not worried at this point about putting adsense on my pages; its the price I pay for free hosting. If I want to get rid of it at some point, I've got enough technical savvy that I can pay for hosting elsewhere and support my own wordpress install (along with a few other things I'd like to play with).

  11. Yeah, the Technorati FAQ is what I quoted above. That's why I said it was b0rked. Of course, it looks like it has fixed itself right this minute. Rain's blog is now properly closer to one than mine is. When I was writing earlier, it showed mine closer to 1 than hers, despite her authority being higher than mine.

  12. Sheesh... I should have realized that was where you quoted from. That's what I get for chatting here when I should probably be sleeping.

  13. If Technorati rewarded people for provoking a reaction, I think I'd outrank Perez Hilton. There is NO JUSTICE in the world!

  14. I've just gone UP 14,000 in rank, and DOWN 6 in Authority. The world has gone mad.

  15. If it appeared that Technorati was working correctly (ha!), I'd guess other people had greater shifts in authority than you did. :-)

  16. I think the Technorati guys are just reading this thread instead of their own Support tickets.

    on the off chance: hey! I used to be in the top 14 k!!! Wassup wit dat?

  17. I went down in rank (about 1,000) and down 1 in authority.

  18. Crack is an epidemic in the US.

    I figure that's it.

  19. Must be ;)

  20. How is this for strange?

    Authority: 43
    Rank: 157,206

    My authority goes down one, but my rank increases by roughly 75,000!

    Go figure.

  21. It's like the 649!

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