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    Technorati says has not pinged my site in 68 days. This happened without me having made any changes; everything was going along fine and then it just stopped.
    I have already:
    – Tried to ping multiple times manually while logged in on technorati
    – Added * and to my OpenID settings.

    Does technorati h8 me?

    The blog I need help with is


    Technorati has issues from time to time. It has been having problems it seems for at least a couple months, maybe more. You might want to contact them and see what they have to say.



    Does anyone else have a problem with links not showing up? I just moved my blog over here from Blogger,and I know that my readers have updated their links. Plus, other blogs have linked to individual posts, and these aren’t showing up either. It does look as though my account in pinging, as my most recent posts are showing up there, but Technorati isn’t increasing my (very limited) authority.



    Looking back (search the Forums for this snafu), you’ll see that this has been rumbling on for years, and looks like Technorati don’t really care about the problem (if, indeed, the problem is actually theirs). Remarkably, though, a few minutes ago they were showing my blog as pinged 1 hour ago. Usually it’s days!


    Technorati used to be pretty good at pinging my blog – when I had a static home page. Now I have gone to the traditional method of the Home Page being the latest post, and Technorati hasn’t pinged me since.

    I’m going to try manually pinging at Technorati, just to see if it makes ny difference. But that’s a pain I can do without.

    At my blog I have never been able to find the instructons as per the Technorati page for setting up pinging, btw. Supposedly under Options>Writing.

    “The last option on the page is “Update Services.” Add Technorati’s ping server as a new line within the Update Services text box.

    What? Where?

    As I undersatnd it WordPress is supposed to ping automatically anyway.

    Should we just forget Technorati now?



    @keeptonyforpm – The instructions to add Technorati’s ping server to the update services box only applies to self-hosted blogs. does ping Technorati whenever someone posts.

    I’ve had Technorati issues for ages now, even with my self-hosted blog, so I know it’s on their end. I’ve all but given up even checking over there except once a month or so. Keeps the frustration level down.



    Should we just forget Technorati now?

    Yes. Technorati is beyond useless. It’s not pinged my blog in months even though I’ve manually pinged it. It’s got a blog of mine that’s been set to private for over a year still listed as higher than my current blog and is just generally not worth it.

    It’s a great idea for a site, but it just doesn’t work.



    I totally agree with carocat in fact, I came to the same conclusions a couple of weeks ago, i.e., fuhgeddaboudit. LIfe’s too short.


    I use Live Writer and its set to ping Technorati, this hasn’t shown on Technorati for a little while and I’ve even tried manual pinging and that doesn’t seem to work either, it was ok up untill recently, to be honest though I don’t think I get any extra traffic from Technorati anyway.

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