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Technorati not updating

  1. frankpentangeli

    Hey, technorati isn't updating automatically. It's now been 12 days since anything has been updated and yet I keep trying to get it to ping. Is there anything I can do?

  2. Best bet would be to contact technorati directly via support and keep on them until they pay attention.

  3. 3 of my 5 blogs have stopped being updated by Technorati. Removing claim and readding doesnt make a difference.
    I have checked the feed validator etc etc
    Very frustrated, technorati has gone from good to bad very quickly.
    Support email does not work.
    Hmmm... there are a lot of companies out there growing too quickly without spending money on solving support issues.
    This will come back to bite them

  4. If you reply after a few days using the same ticket number that was logged on their autoresponder, you usually get a reply or the issue gets fixed.

    And, no, my email address is not flagged by them for my blogs here. :)

  5. No, replying after 3, 5, 10, and 12 days from the support ticket gets ignored as well.

    Thay are broken.

    They are "hard down" and non responsive.

  6. If you post your ticket numbers and what the specific issue is, I'll send in an email and see if I can light a fire with them.

    Please note if your blog is not updating, please point specifically where in their system it's not updating.

    For example I can pull up the following pages with my blog, all with different information:

    There's probably others as well but those are the ones I can think of right off.


  7. I just got a note from a very friendly and helpful person at technorati who has helped me in the past.

    The person said that they had a large backlog and are now working through it as quickly as they can.

    This extremely kind and wonderfully astute tchnical support person had two of my blogs up and back up and running within minutes of getting the urls.

  8. PS: one of the blogs had been atuck at a technorati ranking of around 185,000th and with the latest update has moved very close to 50,000th.

  9. WOW! I'm sure glad to hear this quotes.:) I'd be sure to cultivate that friendship, enter that name in my email addressbook, and also to send a sincere thank you after the dust settles. If he or she has a blog I'd also visit from time to time and leave an encouraging comment when appropriate to do so. ;)

  10. My point is that there needs to be a lot more emphasis on online tools and online support. A lot of these problems I am perfectly capable of fixing myself but while it is a black box it is very frustrating.
    I few feed validation and analysis tools online, maybe a debugger will help their credibility tremendously.

  11. My point is that there needs to be a lot more emphasis on online tools and online support.

    Tell Technorati, not us. :)

    feed validation

    Won't work. The different validation services can't even agree on what RSS 2.0 says. We've discussed it before.

  12. There is another issue at Technorati today, just FYI. This is the result I got for my blog:

    Search this blog Rank: 41,210 (256 links from 64 blogs)
    Updated: 7 hours ago
    No links
    There are no posts that contain a link to that URL yet. Please try again later or add it to your watchlist to track future conversation.

    So obviously something's broken on their end. I last updated a couple of minutes before checking, and previous to that about 20 hours earlier, so I'd say this problem began Sunday morning Pacific time.

  13. A ping is not a link, right? So if the pingomatic is not manually pinging techorati and notifying them of your posts so they send the search spiders out then you you manually ping technorati. drmike made it clear that this is not a wordpress issue. And as far as the links go once again that's not a wordpress issue either so I'm puzzled - we all know technorati and any big outfit like it goes up and own and catches up after it goes down.

    (1) There is no wordpress support question here rain.
    (2) And if you don't really have one then what can you achieve by resurrecting this thread when it's not a wordpress issue?
    (3) Please ... you just wasted my time and energy on reading this whole thread again and replying to it when it isn't even a wordpress issue. Please don't fret you will get your pings and your links when they do catch up.

  14. I'm sure you'll live.

    I posted this information because as you're aware we get a lot of Technorati-related questions here. Because I saw that Technorati was having some substantial issues today, I posted here in the hope that by sharing this information I could answer questions before they started.

    If you don't have any Technorati questions, just don't read Technorati threads. Simple.

  15. I could answer questions before they started

    Nice try. They'll still going to ask. :)

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