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    I checked two of my blogs’ listings on Technorati and they haven’t updated in days there, despite being updated here. Technorati has also lost all several hundred links to my blog; it says there are zero links to it. And for my new blog, it apparently DID see links going out from it (since they are in google searches) but no longer sees them, even ones it previously listed.

    You might want to check your own Technorati status. I know the site’s been messed up since the end of December, but this is seriously, seriously broken. Does anyone know what’s going on with them?


    Yeah, mine is messed up also. 5 new links this week, including one from some crazy woman obsessed with celebrities :P But no reflection shown in the final tally.



    Now today it’s showing links coming in, although the count is too low. And I went up five thousand spots. So when in doubt, complain publically. Works every time, I’m telling you.



    They have a forum there. But I did ask a question there once and weeks later it still wasn’t answered but when I had checked again a moderator had replied but then closed the topic before I could even reply back again.



    Well, From Scratch is still borked, so if the squeaky wheel syndrome works, I’m complaining in hopes it works for me too!

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