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    i know that technorati is automatically pinged but for the past 2 weeks my blog has not been.

    i talked to the technorati support girl and fixed it her on end but said the problem was coming from here.

    so now it’s 2 days later and my blog isn’t being indexed in technorati.

    is this something that is only happening to me or is it something happening to other users?


    You have to contact the folks at technorati. It’s been an on-and-off problem over the last few weeks.



    Well at least you actually got to talk with someone, I haven’t heard a word from them.



    I have two blogs WordPress based. One, and the most visited, use the 2.0.2 version, the second blog is an older version (1.5.2).

    Technorati has stop indexing my first blog, just after WordPress version upgrade (2.0.2 version), the second one (using the older version) is currently indexed and pinged by technorati with any problem.

    May be a WordPress bug ?, any idea ?



    This was discussed in another thread recently. Not sure why you his a thread over a month old instead. :)

    The procedure used around here is your blog pings pingomatic which then notifies T. My clients that I host are pinging T. directly. I’ve noticed with my offsite blog that it misses Pingomatic as well and I’m pinging T. manually once a day.

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