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Technorati pings and domain mapping

  1. I suspect that there is something going on between Technorati and blogs using domain mapping (such as mine). I happened to check Technorati earlier today and noticed that neither my domain-mapped url nor my url had been updated for 2 days. So I did the manual ping thing for both. Checking a few minutes ago, I noticed that my url had been updated but my domain-mapped url had not been (now showing no updates for 3 days). Has anyone else noticed this?

  2. Haven't blogged in a couple of days, so I am not sure. I might just post something to test this out ;)


  3. I just figured it out - wordpress has screwed up my domain mapping. I'm marking this thread resolved and starting a new one.

  4. I've been manually pinging Technorati for quite a while. Sometimes it updates quickly, other times, days. I pinged this morning and again not quite an hour ago and neither post is showing yet. I don't know what's been going on.

  5. See my other thread. In my case, my domain doesn't exist for Technorati right now.

  6. Oy.

  7. There are weird problems with Technorati. When I checked it last night it showed my latest post, the one TWO before that, and then nothing for fifteen days.

  8. FYI Technorati appears to be busted again. For now, I am manually pinging not only my own blog, but also all blogs where I leave comments. If you appear in the Recent Comments widget and Technorati crawls the blog while your name is displayed there, it counts as a link to your blog. I don't make up the Technorati-profile-pimping facts, I just report them.

    But normal Pingomatic as installed at doesn't appear to be properly connecting with Technorati, so try doing manual pings on their ping page:

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