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Technorati problems: due to upgrade?

  1. Technorati hasn't visited my blog for three days. (I do technorati tags on every post). Anyone encountering same problem? Thanks.

  2. Not a bit of a problem and all my posts have individual tags and don't rely on WP's category tags.

    Technorati, although getting better, has continually had problems with both their servers and bots.

    Pointing your finger in their direction is a safe bet.

  3. I don't even consider Technorati that important to my blog. But apparently wordpress is supposed to be exposing our sites to Technorati.

  4. It's been 4 days now, and no news from technorati. I wonder what I might have done without knowing it to repel the Technorati spiders...

  5. I think technorati is having issues. All my blogs that I have claimed are now showing up as untitled with zero links. Only one is hosted here at

    edit: Strange though. When I do a search for the tags, they come right up.

  6. Now I've noticed that my posts aren't listed on technorati anymore. :(

  7. Whether or not posts are listed at Technorati is almost always because of a problem on their end. Your categories produce the tags if their bot doesn't come by, it doesn't come by. has nothing to do with it.

    And the bottom line should be who cares! The chance of your posts listed at Technorati driving much traffic your way is minimal at best, and it may be non-existent

  8. I'm actually seeing a fair amount of traffic from Technorati. Not tons mind you but still a bit.

  9. So do I. And Technorati hasn't paid attention to poor me for 8 days...

  10. I wonder If the new Edgeio tags bother Mr Technorati. I see Edgeio spider visit at least once a day for listings now.

  11. Now, this is getting weird. Technorati hasn't listed my posts for ELEVEN days! And, strangely, Google Blogsearch and Yahoo have stoped indexing my post from that day on. I have mailed technorati for supports (weeks to wait...). Is there Anything technical on my side that could explain this? thanks.

  12. Hello, Houston? Or charlotteville? I really need direct help this time about this Technorati thing. Would you please look in my blog to see if I did smthg wrong? My friends with blogs over here in France do not have problems. So I am begining to think this is something about ME. Please help! T.Y

  13. To close this discussion, here is the trick I found to reference my posts. Go to Technorati. Click on "Ping Us" (bottom of page) and ping the TRACKBACK code of your post. It works. It comes up as "Permanent link to such and such post". In case of emergency of course. I close the discussion here and now. Technorati has referenced more frequently my blog, but sometimes, 5 or 6 days go by without a word.

  14. Please note that it's probably on their end as well. Pingomatic appears to be having issues. For me, I finally got to the point that I'm heading over to Technorati (and others) myself and sending through a manual ping every day.

  15. Ping-O-Matic is not having any issues with blogs, and even when it does have problems it's not for 11 days.

  16. Matt, there's a couple of threads covering it here. Also my clients have begun pinging Technorati and the other services directly for a few weeks now.

    At my old blog, I have a post dated the 14th. Technorati is telling me that I haven't updated for 42 days.

    Sorry but something's up.

    edit: My new public blog is pinging T. fine.

  17. I don't think its ping-o-matic or technorati. About two weeks ago, according to technorati I didn't update for 150 or 160 days. That puts me back in November...I know I have done about 30 posts in Feburary alone. I did a technorati, and a ping-o-matic and still nothing happened.

  18. I have two blogs WordPress based. One, and the most visited, use the 2.0.2 version, the second blog is an older version (1.5.2).

    Technorati has stop indexing my first blog, just after WordPress version upgrade (2.0.2 version), the second one (using the older version) is currently indexed and pinged by technorati with any problem.

    Ping-O-Matic, Manual ping on Technorati, seems to have no effects.. For T my blog has not been updated for 20 days..

    ..any idea ?

  19. Pocacola, I believe you're in the wrong spot. From looking at your blog, I think you need to be over here as these forums are for those with blogs hosted here at Actually you should be talking to Technorati...

  20. No idea why this issue is listed as resolved. Like rbenson, my blog hasn't been pinged by Technorati in 140 days (despite dozens of posts), manual ping doesn't work, and I've been writing to both and Technorati.
    The reason it matters to me isn't traffic per se. A radio producer recently commented on my blog:

    I produced The End of Free WIll? show. You make some great points about the show failing to be as provocative and profound as it could have been. You have a remarkable blog, which expresses a sensibility and perspective that would have benefited the End of Free Will show. I wish my technorati searches had led me to Disparate prior to that broadcast. Perhaps we can enlist you in the future? We’d love to know what ideas you have for other radio shows.

    (Emphasis added)
    I don't necessarily need more traffic but I do enjoy this type of traffic.

    So? Any news on this front? Please?

  21. Bug Technorati, not us. Your blog is accessible just fine, if they can't spider it there is something wrong on their end.

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