Technorati probs (as usual)

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    (aside: do I ever hate technorati)

    I’ve noticed that it’s been around 4-6 days since my blogs “pinged” Technorati, even thought there have been a lot of posts since then.

    Any known issues going on? I just tried manually using ping-o-matic. Is there anything else I could try?

    Other than putting in a message to the Magically Technorati Support Queue of No Response and General Suckage That Never Fixes the Prob.



    I’ve posted from my signed-in homepage on Technorati itself sometimes, but even that doesn’t always show up right away. Last night I noticed a lag of 12 hours.

    I know WordPress uses Pingomatic, and they might ping Technorati through it, rather than directly, so if that’s the case any problem at Pingomatic would prevent Technorati from registering WordPress blog pings. I’d hit Technorati directly if I were you, or set up with an alternative like Pingoat.



    Pingomatic is suppose to ping Tech.

    I’d just go ahead and ping Tech. directly as see if that helps.



    Yeah, directly using pingomatic fixed the problem for all three blogs.

    Note to self: wait to see if work around works before posting on forum. :)


    As many others around the blogosphere have reported, I am having trouble keeping technorati updated. I’ve asked them a number of times over the past couple of months and they get back to me within a week having updated their settings and indexed the last few posts, but it doesn’t persist.

    They pointed out one thing that may be a problem…

    My blog is at
    But the pings are coming from

    I tried going into my Dashboard->Options and changing the blog location to but then that messed up my creating a post (the preview was the main page, not the blog page), so I reverted to the status quo. Of course, that may not even be the problem!



    Maybe you should change the URL at Technorati instead of at WordPress then? Wait, no, that doesn’t work; they don’t let you change a URL once a blog is registered. How moronic.

    I’m very close to giving up on them altogether. They just don’t seem to keep up to date, and I can see that they sometimes register pings from but NOT or vice versa, when they’re both the same blog and both pinging them anyway. I think there’s a randomizer inside their boxes, and it looks like that big gremlin from the William Shatner episode of Twilight Zone.



    I’ve just noticed a problem with my blog on Technorati. I hadn’t checked it in a while but I see that it wasn’t pinged for several days in December. I did a manual ping a couple of days ago, thinking that might fix the problem. Nope – I checked a couple of minutes ago and it hadn’t updated since I did the last ping.



    It’s Al Gore’s fault. He invented Technorati as well as the internet. :)

    Only thing we can suggest is sending in a feedback to them and, when they blow you off, copy the responder back to them in a couple of days asking what the status is on the issue.

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