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    How do I put in the snipit of Technorati’s code on my blog?



    Please always check the FAQs before posting to the forum

    Checking the FAQs first will mean that
    (1) you don’t run the risk of looking lame; and
    (2) you don’t find yourself twiddling your thumbs waiting for an answer to a question that you can answer more quickly by yourself.
    (3) It’s also noteworthy that on most forums bloggers will categorically refuse to provide answers to forum questions, when they know those questions have already been answered in the FAQs.


    Actually, Technorati does not provide the text/numbers described in the FAQ anymore, so the solution it describes no longer works.

    Excellent snarkage though. Kudos.



    Thanks for brining this to attention. I’m counting on you to inform Mark in a feedback that the FAQs text no longer applies so he can update it.

    While we’re on the topic I recently claimed a new blog. I got the code from Technorati, pasted it into a post as instructed and then published it. It worked for my blog.



    I just went to technorati, as I recently moved two blogs to and cannot get the succession of letters and numbers the FAQ is mentioning
    What I get is this
    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript” charset=”UTF-8″></script>
    <div class=”tr_embed_t_js”>
    <a href=””
    class=”tr_embed_arg_blog”>Blog Information
    <a href=””
    class=”tr_embed_arg_username”>Profile for ccf93
    and however hard I look, I don’t see what you are describing.
    and of course the js doesn’t work, which I understand in policy.
    I wish I knew what you have done to get the accurate text/number combination.



    Use the Quick Claim to claim your blog at Technorati. It works in seconds.



    I cannot do this as my blogs have already been claimed. Just did it, and was told my blog had already been claimed. Thanks for trying to help though.

    Am trying to find how to write a feedback here on worpdress and I feel silly because I can’t find a place.



    Feedback is normally on your Dashboard, top right-hand side, but it’s temporarily closed now. It should reopen in a few hours, though.

    If your blogs are claimed, you don’t have to do another thing as far as I know. WordPress automatically pings them to update via pingomatic whenever you post. To double check, do a technorati search for your blog name and see if it’s properly indexed.



    Well, I probably didn’t explain what I wanted properly, this was not about pinging but about having the technorati snippet in my sidebar. Oh well, never mind… Thanks anyway.



    Okay, which snippet, exactly? The Favorite This Blog one? The one where you can go to the blog’s Technorati page? I think that’s what you mean.

    We can’t use javascript, and that’s not going to change, but you can always make a text widget with the link to your blog’s technorati page. Just call it Technorati This Blog or something and post either text or an image (maybe pick a Technorati button image? Whatever you like) and then link it to

    Some suggested code for that would be:

    `<p align=”center”><img src=”″ alt=”technorati” align=”middle” height=”34″ width=”222″ /></p>’

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