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    A splogger has been scraping my blog and stealing all my posts every day since August 12 (and because I post at least once a day, this is a large number of posts). My posts now appear on Technorati under the name of the Polish blog “Shoppin’ — just shopping!” which uses the URL (of course, with no link to my blog, One-Minute Book Reviews, The splogger has been so successful at stealing my posts that s/he has now apparently hijacked my URL also. I’ve been trying for days to fill out the Technorati complaint form but keep getting the message, “Please enter a valid URL.”

    I am more than willing to go through proper channels by complaining to Technorati, but I can’t do this when it has abruptly stopped recognizing a URL that it has recognized faithfully for nearly two years. And I have been trying since Aug. 12 to resolve this own my own, and I can’t find anything that helps in the Forums.

    Could someone in WP admin kindly tell Technorati that my URL is valid? (This situation could be very easily resolved if Technorati would just de-list the thief who is stealing all his or her content from me and others. There is no problem on Ice Rocket.) Thank you.



    Have you contacted ?


    One thing, is there is no www in your URL here, it’s . I don’t think Technorati will accept it with the www in it. www is actually a subdomain.

    Second, they are probably getting your posts from your RSS feed. Go to settings > reading, and in the syndication section, change it to display “summary”. I have quite a few taking my stuff via the RSS feed, and all they get is the summary, a sentence or two.


    Also set your syndication (RSS) to show at most 2 or 3 posts. That makes it more difficult for new scrapers.




    And have you claimed the blog at Technorati? As tsp says, you must use the exact URL otherwise it is NOT valid.


    Thank you so much for all these helpful comments. Yes, definitely, I claimed my blog on Technorati nearly two years ago. And I had a smaller concern months ago that I was able to resolve by contacting Technorati and using the “www” URL, but possibly its policy has changed.

    I did not not know about and that is also helpful. I am hoping that I can stop the splogging or otherwise resolve this issue in a few days with one of these suggestions.

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