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technorati: tags and indexing frustration

  1. So I got my site initially indexed by technorati. However, despite pinging on blog updates and including the technorati tags:

    [a href=" rel="tag"]tagname[/a]</p> <p>(nb: the square brackets used so the post editor doesn't take it as html, I use <> in real life)</p> <p>my site has not been indexed for 16 days.</p> <p>I have contacted their technical support (again, had no response 1st time). Anyone any ideas?

  2. I created a bookmark for technorati profile, and one for technorati tags, and one for technorati ping. I noticed that ping-o-matic was taking an extraordinarily long time so I began using the "ping" bookmark to ping technorati after every post I make. Hope this helps.P.S. I also found it was impossible to have the technorati button dislay in my sidebar.

  3. I visit T. once a day and do manualy pings as well. Please note that I have a blog that is showing that it hasn't been updated for a week even though it gets updated twice a day and I've been doing the manual pings there as well. Something may be up with them.

  4. Is there some sort of code we could put in every post we make so that it automatically pings Technorati. I just logged into my account there and it says it hasn't been updated in three weeks but then somewhere else it says something like it hasn't been updated in over eighty days. lol

  5. I got it fixed by Technorati support. There does seem to have been an ongoing issue, as I found another blog which has a very good article on it:

    There were some updates that didn't get through when they sent the spider back to reindex my site. Namely it picked up all the new but now archived posts but not the archived but changed ones.

    So I tried out the method on consumingexperience, making all my posts appear on my home page, and sure enough the updates were picked up on pinging technorati.

    Now I have been having a problem getting into their Blog Finder, despite having tagged my blog profile. So I am going to try an alternative method, using "tag directory" tags (like the ref="tag" ones but using ref="tag directory" and the href pointing to a directory service: I used the technorati one, but any will do).

    I placed these in my about page, but technorati doesn;t index this so I am going to set my home page to a "static page" in the wordpress options and point it to the about page then ping technorati and see what happens.

  6. Technorati is very good at picking up anything you add as a category as "Technorati Tags", which are their way to do categories and get you to link to them. However if you just use's built-in tag stuff you'll be fine.

  7. alas, that didn't seem to work. probably because it wasn't a true post list. Was worth a try though. I'll try putting the "tag directory" links in a post instead. [edit] - didn't work either, blog finder may have a problem methinks).

    [edit]Matt, only just a few moments ago I just read eslewhere that technorati picks up WP categories as tags - well I never! So it's not worth adding technorati tags at all then?

  8. I am struggling with this same question. Tried to add Technorati tags in my posts, but with no success. If Technorati picks up WP categories as tags I would really like to know if we need to add TT in the posts. Thanks.

  9. britgirl, no. You do not need to add in TTags in your posts. They will pick up your WP category tags as such. Just make sure you are assigning your posts the categories that you need to be. :)

    Do note though that some of us are having issues with T. in general though. :(

    Now if you really want to, Lorelle has a well written post about how to add in a Bookmarklet for users.

    Hope this helps,

  10. I'm getting updated by them now on a daily basis when before, I wasn't for many many weeks.

  11. What a relief! This is excellent. Thank you very much for your response! I'm checking out the bookmarklet post.

  12. I always use the categories when posting, yet sometimes they show up as tags on technorati and sometimes they don't. I can see no difference among the posts to cause this. All the posts update on technorati, but the ones that don't show tags don't show up in the technorati search engine under the appropriate tage. Has anyone else had this issue?

  13. What do you mean, "the ones that don't show tags don't show up in the technorati search engine under the appropriate tag"? If you don't tag them, neither will Technorati.

  14. I believe Technorati uses your RSS feed, not the actual website to see your post. Technorarti has many issues though that they keep blowing off to "We have a backlog and not enough employeess" responces.

  15. I quit tagging my posts with Technorati tags months ago. I use only wordpress categories. All my posts can be found on Technorati and I do get Technorati seach engines visiting my blog.

  16. Yeah, same here timethief. Other than manually pinging Technorati when I remember to, I don't really pay much attention to them.

    Also, I don't think I've *ever* received a response to any technical support message I've sent them.

  17. The only time I requested support from Technorati I got it so I have no personal grounds for complaint.

  18. Actually got an email back from a staffer saying that they would look into the issues I raised on their support forum.

  19. Hi Raincoaster et al

    ""What do you mean, "the ones that don't show tags don't show up in the technorati search engine under the appropriate tag"? If you don't tag them, neither will Technorati. ""

    I meant that I always use the WordPress categories. Sometimes these categories show up on technorati as tags, other times they don't show up at all. I thought perhaps when I searched one of the tags/categories on technorati, the appropriate post would be listed, despite technorati not converting the wordpress category to a technorati tag. No such luck.

    It seems when technorati doesn't convert the categories on a post to tags, they miss them all. It is never a few working, a few not working. I can find no differences in what I am doing differently with the posts that technorati converts the wordpress categories to tags than the posts where it does not.

  20. I'm wondering if Technorati might be easily led: it's a bit of a shot in the dark, but try doing a search on Technorati for your tag, IN TAGS. Maybe that will force it to look for them? Let us know if that works.

  21. I am one step behind you all...I have accounts with technorati, delicous and others but am uncertain about how to use them in my I just need to type in in my tags option in the dashboard???

    Matt, the key master says: <<However if you just use's built-in tag stuff you'll be fine<<.

    so tell me, wise one, where do I find that??

    thanks from Italy

  22. Susan, Matt is talking about the categories. Technorati and the other indexing sites see teh categories as tags within your blog. Use the categories and you'll be fine.

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