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Technorati tip 4 blog pimpin'

  1. Indeed. And it's become part of the popular lexicon, meaning "to trick out so as to be flashy, garner lots of attention, and make tons of money" or in this case hits.

  2. Maybe it s just a case of having nowhere else to go but I just cracked the Technorati 100,000.


  3. Congrats! Now we need to get you on BoingBoing.

  4. I think I submitted the URL about a year ago. Maybe they don't take to self submitters, eh?

  5. They say they're neutral, but who knows?

  6. Techorati giveth and Techorati taketh away dept.

    So a little while back I was all gushing happiness as my blog broke the Technorati 100,000 at 99, something.....Anyway, my authority at that point was 62. Then my authority went down to 58 and my ranking went up to about 124,000. Now my Authority is back up to 62 but my ranking is 142,000. It's enough to make a brown blogger cry........:P

  7. or even a grown one, lol.
    (gotta be my best.typo.ever.)

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