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    I have claimed my blog at Here at wordpress, the directions for adding the link are false. It says to enter the address in the text bar underneath “Update Options” (on the Options – Writing page), but there is no place to enter anything. I have a free blog – is this going to prevent me from using technorati, rss, etc.? Someone please give me detailed directions on what to do – I’ve spent four hours trying to figure this out, and I’m pissed. Thanks!


    are you trying to put the technorati widget on your blog? if so, you will need to use a ‘text widget’ for this. (Dashboard > presentation> widgets) and enter the code for your widget in a text widget, to place it on your blog.

    If that’s not what you meant I apologize!



    I’m not sure of what you’re asking either. But the url of your feed is for posts and for comments.



    If you successfully claimed your blog at Technorati, it’s already working. You don’t need to do anything else.



    I understand what you mean. I copied the Technorati new widget code and put it in a WordPress text widget, but when I saved the changes, WordPress deleted the first line of the text, so only the text appeared (not the graphic). Is there another way to achieve what I want?

    Here’s the code that is deleted: <script src=”” type=”text/javascript” charset=”UTF-8″></script>

    This is the code that is left:
    <div class=”tr_embed_t_js”>
    <a href=””
    class=”tr_embed_arg_blog”>Blog Information
    <a href=””
    class=”tr_embed_arg_username”>Profile for Soliloquy59



    It’s javascript code. doesn’t allow javascript due to security issues.

    Did you claim your blog already? And what I placed on my blog is the code that leads to the technorati favorites page:



    And when I claimed my blog, I used the post claim where I place their code in a new blog post and titled is as”Testing”.


    I went the simple route and claimed it through logging in (it asks for WP username and password).



    The easy way to claim a blog at Technorati is to choose the “quick claim” option. :)blogs to claim their blogs.

    Before Quick Claim, claiming a blog in Technorati required going to the Technorati site, specifying which blog you want to claim, copying some claim code, pasting it into the template of your blog and then waiting for the Technorati servers to scan your blog for the claim code. The claim code was a way of establishing that you were truly the owner of the blog — otherwise people would be claiming ownership of the Top 100.

    Quick Claim lets you claim a blog quickly: after specifying the blog you want to claim, you provide the login information for your blog. Technorati then communicates with your blogging software and confirms that you own the blog.

    It is very quick and very easy.



    (I forgot the name of the option and didn’t feel like going to Technorati to find it)

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