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Teddy bears

  1. Which would you prefer... A teddy bear made with beads or with cloth material?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Id the teddy bear hand made? I'm asking because I make small teddy bears myself. I do not like commercially made teddy bears, and no amount of bling on them will change that for me.

  3. How many of these threads are you going to post? And wouldn't this be better as a poll on your blog?

  4. I would say cloth. And yes, I think it would make a good poll on your blog.

  5. Football Trivia- The "Teddy Bears" are one of the nicknames for the greatest football team in the world. Glasgow Rangers.

    As for the original question I have not got a preference as long as the bear was draped in Red, White and Royal Blue.

  6. Definitely cloth :)

  7. I like Teddy bears. There is a nice museum of Teddies with 2500 Teddy bears where I live.

  8. lettershometoyou

  9. cloth would defenitely be safer,as my son might get a hold of a bead and choke one it...

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