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Teen Bloggers

  1. Any other teen bloggers out there? I just started my blog a couple of days ago and plan on blogging a couple of times a week for the summer, and then weekly. Here's the blog if you want to take a look:

  2. I am!

  3. I too would be one.

  4. Used to be a teen. I love teens. Jogging down the street with my dog one day and something fell while I was jogging.

    A ...cassette... tape...

    Now I have a USB thingamajigie (whatever it's called). But I was jogging and my

    James.... Taylor... cassette ... fell out of its holder. Did I ever get a reaction. These teens yelled out: "Is THAT a cassette?" Like I'm from the dark ages.

    "Yes!" I said. And then they wanted to see WHO I was listening to.

    "WHO is James Taylor???" they asked.
    "WHO is James Taylor??? You don't KNOW who James Taylor is???"

    Save all the content on your blogs. Don't erase it -ever. Thirty years from now, in 2041, you will look back and smile.


  5. lol Nice. And Thanks for the advice. ^^

  6. I'm a teenager and I blog, have for around a year and a half. :')

  7. whatsinyourbible

    I'm a teenager! And I've had a blog here for a day and a half. I was on tumblr but I prefer writing to just reblogging other people's pictures.

  8. I'm a teenager! I have been on here for less than a year and have only just recently finished two posts. I'm yet to post today though.

  9. I am 17 and am a reporter at 2 newspapers. I just started my blog about 2 weeks ago. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

  10. Though technically an adult as I'm 18, I can relate. Welcome to the site.

  11. I'm a teen and like to paint with my Lazermouse :)

  12. xxfrozenflower

    :B I'm also 18, not sure if that counts as "teen" anymore... I set up a personal blog yesterday, although I've been working on setting up my writing blog all week~ :Va So far, it's so much fun! :3

  13. Same as xxfrozenflower and youhatehonesty, I am also 18 (going on 19) but I consider myself a teen/young adult. I have a blog if anyone wants to check it out. I just started this month but I want to post at least weekly.

  14. thequietvoice18

    I'm a sixteen-year-old blogger, I write about books, pop music, life, etc. :)

  15. Eighteen is still -teen. LOL. Hi, welcome to WP. :)

  16. I guess I would also consider myself a teen, albeit an older one (19). My new blog focuses on the academic aspects of college life (which I'm sure some of you guys can/will relate to).

  17. AH, yes that's right.... I forgot I'm 18... lol
    But I do consider the a teenager, simply be cause of the spelling, eighTEEN.
    See? XD

  18. Does 19 count?! Being called a teenager after 18 sounds weird.

  19. Today on my blog... My views on our Independence Day celebrations. I also ask my readers to share their Independence Day traditions in a comment. That's in my blog "Ties to a Small Town" at this link:

    Have a great rest of the weekend! Happy reading!

  20. I'm a teen blogger too (:
    Just started actually, so I haven't posted much but really hope to soon once I figure out how everything works around here.

  21. I am a teen blogger!!!! I have been pretty lazy with it with school and summer....but I am going to get back on it here soon!!!! (=

  22. Today on the blog: I dive into the details of the historic government shutdown happening in Minnesota. As a local, I explore what is being affected in the state and how it is affecting the residents/tourists.

    Feel free to leave your thoughts!

  23. For a thread full of teenagers, this place is surprisingly quiet.

  24. greatlakessocialist

    Past their bedtime. Well past mine...

  25. But you're still up aren't you? I expected nostalgia, the teenagers to take over or something.

  26. Today on the blog: Help out the fight against cancer by reading today's blog. Feel free to tell stories of your experiences with cancer in a comment as we fight it together!

  27. m olso a teen blogger,just started a couple of dayz b4...hope 2 get d whole scenario soon...n to publish my own blogs...!!

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  29. ravishingrambles

    yeppp! 17, going on 18...and I started blogging about a month about 30 or so posts up :)

  30. i am!:) i created this about- 5 minutes ago. im new at this Physically blogging i mostly do it mentally. well im just checking everything out & see how everything works. Fingers Crossed i Get into My Blogging Flow Soon:) wish me luck.

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