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Teen Bloggers.

  1. gabriellekayley

    If there are any teen bloggers out there check out my blog! i just started so its not the best but anyone willing to help me out, feel free!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is a forum that we can promote our blogs in called the Showcase Forum and this thread will be moved to it.

  3. This is getting very tedious. I believe Rain is right about these posts being dodgy. There cannot be that many 'teens' who are too dim to find other teen blogs.

  4. I think you underestimate todays teens.

  5. dribblingpensioner

    Jessie, some teens can't even find their way home, never mind using the search button for teen blogs.

    This question must come up 3/4 times a week :)

    Hello Pete :)

  6. dribblingpensioner

  7. This is a blog my best friend and I created:

    We're going to start posting more often.

  8. I just turned 20 so I technically don't qualify for teen, but I still act like it lol

    I'm an aspireing model in Chicago so my blog is about that. Check it out I thin you would still like it. It's full of pictures from my shoots and tid bits of my personal life are in there too. :)

  9. @dribblingpensioner - your sense of humour is really funny. No wonder your blog is doing so well.

    I find teen blogs interesting (at times).

  10. @

    I commented on all of your posts. Please visit Timethief's website. My site's traffic and followers increased drastically after I read most of her advice on blogging. Timethief is in my opinion, the most experienced blogger on I put a link to Timethief's site in a comment on one of your posts.

    Just a suggestion. Best of luck to you!


  11. shadowoperator

    Thanks for this advice. But how do I find Timethief's site address? (I'm not even sure (such is my inexperience) if I'm the person you're addressing this remark to (so far, all the comments I've had on my blog have been listed in my spam files). I'll keep trying, I guess.

  12. dribblingpensioner

    @ shadowoperator, if someone is taking to you you will see the @ at your name.

    @ shadowoperator, scroll up to Timetheif above and click her name.

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