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Teen bloggers, new to WordPress.

  1. Hi guys, I'm Kel. I'm seventeen and new to WordPress. I need some blogs to follow, so please let me know if you're around my age, new to WordPress or interested in journalism. Thanks c:

  2. First off, welcome to WordPress! I love journalism, but my site is a book reviewing one. If you're interested in good books, I think you'd enjoy it.

  3. Welcome to WordPress. If you're interested in Photography, then you can stop by.

  4. Oh, hey Carrie, I didn't even see this, aha. Thankyou. And thanks noirciplume! c:

  5. Im 18 and a blogger. I blog about pretty much anything.

  6. I'm a few yrs younger than u but I have a pretty good blog if I do say so myself! Feel free to come check it out! :D

  7. ^ her blog is pretty awesome.

  8. Welcome to wordpress, Prerttyeyes...
    I'm 19 years old. Much passionate and addicted blogger :)
    Your blog is great.

  9. A warm welcome to the WordPress community!
    If you're looking for photography, my site is filled with it.

    Happy blogging!

  10. im younger than u but watevs. :)
    i blog about my dreams, and im just getting started too! wat bloggers do u like so far?

  11. monaruthwinberg

    hey, im sixteen and im also new here now! i havent start blogging but as you knew ;D

  12. Thanks Jarrod! I love urs too. Not the story bout ur finger tho...

  13. Welcome to WordPress, its a wonderful website software whether your using a blog or self hosted installation, I'm eighteen and have been using it since I was thirteen lol, This is my blog, though technically it's not a blog more pictures than text xD

  14. Welcome! I'm new too! I only have two lousy tryout posts on my blog, but I'm glad to hear you are interested in journalism, I am too!!!!! I am also 17!!
    I am curently residing in France so I was planning on posting about the French presidential campaign just the way it is... a circus. Can't wait to check yours out, salut!!!

  15. Hey hi, im also new to blogging. Theres not much content on my blog now but i am gonna add content gradually. I blog about teenage and stuff related to it.

  16. Hey!

    My blog is mainly about life. If you like witty, funny, and sarcastic writing, you'll be at home at my blog.

  17. Hi! I'm actually studying Journalism in University right now, haha. I've had to set up a blog as part of my course. My blog's about film and tv - here is my latest post :) The more views/comments I get the higher my grade!

    I'm guessing you're interested in journalism too? c:

  18. hi! I've been blogging for almost half a year now but I think I'm pretty much new to this. I'd be super happy if you drop by my page. I blog about anything under the sun! :) By the way, I'm also a teenager so I think you'd be at home in my blog.

  19. Am also seventeen, celebrated it yesterday. You're welcome to WordPress, its a pretty competitive community. But guys, is it possible to use Adsense on a non-customed WordPress blog, like mine?

  20. Checking out every blog linked :) I'm eighteen and would love to follow more people my age!

  21. Hi, I'm 13 and been running my blog now for about two months - - using WordPress. My dad helped me get it going and now I blog about loads; what I get up to, celebrity gossip, movies I've seen and my mates. Have a look and let me know what u think :-)

  22. Hey guys!

    I blog about everything really - life. Not mine in particular just things I feel we all go through! Check it out! I'm looking for fellow teenage blogs to follow so please continue to post!

  23. I'm 16 :) I have literally only just started my blog. It's literally just all of the stuff I have going around my head if you're interested :) I'm also looking for other teens blogs

  24. I'm a teen blogger! Check out my blog at

  25. gonewiththesummer

    Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, to read all about my bucket list/blogging experience (:
    Happy Summer!

  26. check out my blog.ima start blogging more now so i only have three or four posts lol but still come check it out

  27. i only have one post cuz i just started bloggin on here so...tell me what u think

  28. Hi I'm a teen blogger! Check out my blog at

  29. blackroseredblood

    I'm also a teen blogger, 19 years old and I write about anything (new here too) So if you want to check it out feel free to do so. :)

  30. Hey, I'm new and trying out blogging check out my blog

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