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Teen bloggers out there?

  1. I'm 16 and looking for some interesting teen blogs to read.
    Are there any teens out there?
    Feel free to check mine out :

  2. I'm a teenage book reviewer. I run a blog called The Mad Reviewer, in which I review books that can be read by teenagers or tweens. I review books and/or write an article about the YA genre on a daily basis.

  3. ANOTHER of these threads? Are teens incapable of using the Search function to see all the other "hey are there any other teens out there" threads?

    This is, frankly, what makes me think the majority of these threads are started by 50-year-old guys looking to hook up with teens. Teens know how to use Search.

  4. @raincoaster. I agree it's becoming repetitive and boring. Are there any 50+ out there with blogs? I am 50+ and would love to read your blog. We can chat about ageism and incontinent pads. Lol.

  5. Hey guys!

    I blog about everything really - life. Not mine in particular just things I feel we all go through! Check it out! I'm looking for fellow teenage blogs to follow so please continue to post!

  6. Hey! I've just joined, i'm 16, thanks for your recomendation. I will start to blog about life and things that really effect us and what we all go though. With any luck, I should be a proffesional blogger within a couple of months.

  7. Click this link and find the other teen blogs threads

  8. elixirofmemories

    Hey! Imma teenage blogger from Kuwait..I blog about basically everything that im interested in at the moment :) I also post my photography...check them out :)

  9. thesummergames

    Hi! I'm a teen blogger! Check it out at

  10. gonewiththesummer

    Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, to see my bucket list, which is the focus of my site (:
    Happy Summer!

  11. Hey, I'm kinda new here, but here's my blog:

  12. Hey I'm a 14 teen blogger! I'm a little smarter and don't have a normal teen blog, but I still like what I write about!

  13. I won't give you a link to mine then if you're only 14. :)

  14. @jessielansdel quick to judge much? You didn't even get to know me? I could be very mature for all you know. You didn't even take a look at my blog.

  15. I had a blog for a while, but only now am I very active. I have one post a day :)
    It's directed for all ages, really. I submit some of my writing, guides, rants, and just everyday posts.

  16. @raincoaster All the other threads are inactive, and it's a place where new bloggers can post their own blogs to gain more popularity.

  17. @king62198. You may very well be mature; but if you went into a pub and asked for an alcoholic drink, at 14 you would NOT be served, mature or not. At least by a responsible person.

  18. @Jessilansdel and why would I be going into a pub anyways?

  19. *sigh* you probably wouldn't. I was using that scenario to illustrate a point. Now, I don't intend to bandy any more words with you; I have a blog to write.

  20. @jessielansdel Excuse me, but unless you're serving drinks at your blog, your previous statement was irrelevant to your point. You don't have to be of drinking age to be mature.

  21. 18 and a new blogger, but my blog is less about typical teenage life and more about the various shenanigans/ horrors that infested my childhood.

  22. I have a blog! I started it about August last year, I haven't had much time to post in it lately because I've been working my ass off but when the contract finishes you can expect a lot more posts! Check it out if you want :]

    Just Another Teen Blogger

  23. Hi! I'm 19 and have started blogging just this March. Please follow! And I hope you enjoy the things I post. :) I'll be looking forward to reading your posts as well! :)

  24. I am 17 and i am from india. I blog about anything which interests me at Just A Loner's Journey.

  25. I forget I'm a 'teen' sometimes because I'm 18 going on 21 :P

    I swear a bit, I drink a bit and I blog about random shit

  26. If your interested, i give advice that is in the most crude, mean and full sarcasm, way

  27. nice...

  28. i am a teenager..i have written only one blog yesterday..

  29. i m 4rm pakistan i dont know how to write blog.. but i want to write to show good aspects of my country.. to show that we are peace loving people

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