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Teen bloggers out there?

  1. i m 4rm pakistan i dont know how to write blog.. but i want to write to show good aspects of my country.. to show that we are peace loving people

  2. mahnoorqureshi

  3. Then why are you spoiling the name of your country behaving like this?
    I'm from Pakistan too. Agr tumhy kisi madadd ki zrorat ho to support forum me post kro. Or yahaan spamming na kro. Is link sy wordpress k baray me seekho Learn wordpress . Hope you'll understand it.

  4. I'm kinda passed my tween years, but I have a young mind!!!

  5. @Hnsaifi Dude, respect! :)

  6. mahnoorqureshi

    i m not spoiling the name of my country.. mujhe kisi madad ki zarorat nahe he..mene to bas ek blog likha take jo log paki ko terrorist samajhte hen na samjhen

  7. @Mahnoor
    In fact you did it. You created three spammy threads and posted multiple comments at a time, which is not considered as a decent behavior at all. Using slang words is quite annoying for the people on a public forum. (I used Roman Urdu so that you understand it well). Hope you'll not make such mistakes time and again. And don't get abused in the worst way. These are the forums of nice and loving people but why would one love a spammer or a troll? Have a nice start to your blog. I have also written some articles on Pakistan. My blog is Itspak. Hope it provokes some new ideas in you and be a good sample for a beginner like you.
    Thanks Lol :) :)

  8. mahnoorqureshi

    i am a new user... mistakenly i wrote multiple comments.. sorry to all

  9. i'm 21- slightly older- but after 18 its all the same really- i always forget my age now! :

  10. Hello, I'm 13 and I've had this blog for a couple of weeks. I'm not that young to make an interesting blog though. If you can...PLEASE visit my blog....just view don't have to,though.

    Here's the link:

  11. I'm a 17 year old College student living in the UK. I've just started my blog today, and would appreciate it if anyone would follow my journey with me!
    I'd love to get opinions on some of my posts, and any advice on starting out as a blogger. I'll follow back too if I like what you post!
    Heres my link:

  12. hi there i'm a teen blogger,
    here is mine

    is a blog of photos and some words :P

    i hope you like it :)

  13. Follow my blog! Mostly just my ramblings and stuff! xD My blog here!

  14. @technicallysmart. Here is the forum for promoting your blog;

  15. I guess I dont qualify as a teen anymore since I just turned 20, but I think my blog will still be interesting to you. :)
    It's about my journey as a model in Chicago. Let me know what you think if anyone checks it out! I will check out your as well.

  16. @blogoffmychestdotcom2
    You posted a blogspot link here - spam off!

  17. I have a wordpress account however I don't use it as my blog. I just started, 16 years old. is my new blog. Please follow if you have blogspot! (: Thanks!

    What a sauce!

  18. My best friend and I created this blog:

    It's just us being us. We're going to start posting more often.

    We hope to see you there!

  19. I just started this blog last week; you should check it out if you like writing or anything related to it. :)

  20. I'm a teen writer/blogger that would love for you to visit my blog. I do book reviews and posts on my writing and life.

  21. I'm a teenager blogger, I run , where a team of college writers write about news and opinions etc.

  22. My blog is here:

    I post my art, some of my photos and I feature artists that I find.

  23. Just started my blog yesterday, I would love for anyone to check it out and tell me what you think! Thank you!

  24. I'm a teen and just started my blog today, I don't really get what to do on it.

    -help a girl out

  25. I just started blogging! I'm a teen well last year of being a teen but my blog is going to be a little about high school and a lot about going to college. I would love for anyone to follow and check me out! Also if you want to ask me questions I am going to be starting a little ask Elle column if I get enough
    XOXO, Elle

  26. I'm 20.. so I don't actually count lol But I think you will like my blog anyway. I'm an aspireing model in Chicago and I blog about my go-sees, my shoots and a little about my personal life and beauty. Hope you enjoy!

    XoXo Heather Elizabeth

  27. Just started my blog about an hour ago actually. Pretty excited about it, and once I start really writing I hope you guys check it out. I've been looking for a way to express myself, share my ideas, and really get all my thoughts out there. I'm pretty into art and a lot of photography so I'll be posting pictures I take on vacations and such.
    It might be worth taking a look sometime :)

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