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Teen Bloggers

  1. wheeeee~ *hi five* everyone. JustAnotherTeenBloggers

  2. Thanks everyone for commenting, I'm still trying to get time to check out all of your blogs. :) To all the other newbies on this, good luck with your blogs!

  3. Me is one to and I like made my blog like yestuertday *shakes head*

  4. I'm 13, and new to blogging. I hope to achieve my goals with blogging.

  5. Today on the blog... I wrote about our local event to fight against cancer. Fillmore County Relay for Life just took place. Check it out at

  6. HEY GUYS! I'm wondering if is better than I mean my blog's at but I'm 50 posts in and I don't get many views =[. I'd love to meet other teen bloggers and share advice/experiences!

  7. <Incoming News> Today on the blog: President Obama comes through our area right next to my house. On ties to a small town we cover his visit on this rare occassion. That's at

  8. @windlessly I think is better, I've tried out both, and WordPress has better stats, is easier to use and looks better too. Blogger looks quite old-fashioned in comparison. And the support on WordPress is brilliant and really fast! If you do some searches on it, most agree that WordPress is better, and it's possible to transfer a blog from to if you decide to. :)

  9. @windlessly Blogspot is history now and WordPress the present and future.

  10. stressingoutstudent

    I'm going off to college this fall, but I guess I'm still a teen. Who else here is a teen college student?

    Stressing Out College

  11. Don't get me wrong! Summer is still here. But thinking back to school isn't completely out of the question. Today on "Ties to a Small Town" school is just a few weeks away. I discuss some "Back to School" topics on today's post @

    Do you enjoy back to school shopping? Do have any tips? Share them in a comment!

  12. Im on the last leg of being a teen. 19 oh no it looks so old in writing XD
    I have a poetry blog
    I write some dark stuff. check it out if its your cup of tea.

  13. I'm 16. Just started my blog last week so please check it out. Its just about random things that run thtu my head and my photography.

  14. @usersarah, thanks so much for your input! i'm reaally tempted to switch over now, haha i'll look into that blog transfer option, im just a tiny bit hesitant cuz i dont fully understand it yet
    @jayantr7 you might be right! first off i love this wordpress forum. so many connections and support from you other teen bloggers, makes me feel happy

  15. Today on the blog we're talking about local sports teams and high school athletics as the fall seasons are about to get underway. What's the outlook for your team this season? What's your team mascot?

    Read and share at the "Ties to a Small Town" blog at

  16. stressingoutstudent

    Who here is in the college class of 2015? Anyone?
    Beloit recently released their annual "Mindset List" of incoming college freshmen. It's an entertaining list to say the least.

    Read about it here:

  17. I just started a new blog tonight, I've tried before but I've ran out of things to write about and ended up deleting a LOT of my accounts before but I'm trying to get back into blogging so hopefully I won't get bored this time :]

  18. im 19 :)

  19. I qualify, as I am a teen and also starting yesterday I have a blog! It's about the stuff I remember from my early years. Don't think anyones read it yet though...

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