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Teen Blogs

  1. I'm a teen, and I love reading teen blogs.
    Are there any that you recommend? :D

    The blog I need help with is


    My lil' friend's blog about her life. With her humor mixed in.

  3. christiangrblr

    I'm 15 and I write about websites and I rant on about random stuff you might like it

  4. My blog is just kinda about my life and full of random things like lyrics to songs I like.

  5. If you want to read a fiction blog about a teen, mine is always available.

    Bolt: Tales of a teenage superhero

  6. How do you seperate teen blog from adult blog? ... okay maybe I don't understand teen's world :/

  7. Well, I'm a teenager, and I have a blog. :D Go here:

  8. Another fiction blog about a teen.

  9. christiangrblr



    Why teens kill themselves

  10. christiangrblr

    come on that screams teenagerdom!

  11. you like teens stuff

  12. You should check out my poetry site. I find that teenagers relate to a lot of what I have written as I was a teen at the time of writing. here you go! good luck. teenagers always have interesting things to say.

  13. I have a blog. And I'm a teen. Dunno if that makes what I write a 'teen blog' but you can check it out :)
    I'm about to check yours out too

  14. cindyashleymiller

    I am a few years (5) beyond "teen"...however, an older teen would find many of my topics interesting, imho...

  15. Well it depends if you classify me as a teen. I turned 18 in June, and am about to start my freshman year of college in the fall. Enjoy!

  16. I'm fifteen and I blog nearly every day, can't think of any reason you'd find my musings that interesting but I do music, fashion, feminism, books, and general sleepiness. And I'm starting college three years early, so I write about that too sometimes. (:

  17. Wow college at 15! Congratulations, I'll give your blog a look around dothedevo.

  18. I write! And I am a teenager! Check me out, I mean my blog...

  19. I write! And I am a teenager! Check me out, I mean my blog...

  20. hollythestrange

    I'm also a teenager. You can read my blog if you want to. It's not very sane...

  21. Here's my blog:

  22. Hi, i'm the new girl.
    Im a teenager and have only just created my blog this evening.
    About my day to day business. Feel free.


  23. Hi fairycakesandlife,

    Want to blogroll each other? I have a feeling your blog will be a GREAT blog.

    Have you in mine already.


  24. I'm 16. My blog is basically about whatever crosses my mind(conspiracies and rants). I'll admit it's pretty weird, but I think I make sense lol

  25. i want blog buddiiies~
    despite my age XD
    im mentally uber childish XD
    okayokay, no. mentally, im like... OMEGA!

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