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Teen life in india

  1. As i have earlier said my blog is gonna be about teen life in india so here it is.
    In india, i think teens live in 2 world. First world is the one which they share with parents and another one wid friends, girl/boyfriends . The reason for this is the conservative nature of society or more precisely generation gap. The teens in india are getting constant exposure to western world which is more libral and open minded about this. So teens are tempted towards it and want to indulge in activities like sex, drugs and all that other stuff which they cant do without having this 'second world'.
    So teens are constantly switching bw both worlds .
    Thnx for reading and sorry for any mistakes. Im a novice in blogging and suggestions for improvement are welcomed..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you need to make a few posts and then start posting in the showcase, people have nothing to read.

  3. Thanks, i'll keep it in mind next time i write.

  4. Yeah, get those posts rolling. Sure, mistakes will happen. Doing it is the practice that helps you get better. All the great writers, and all those somewhere less than that, all started at the same place ... in the beginning.

  5. That's a good start anyway :-) I've noticed that things appear to be like that for Indian youth from what I've seen in films - what you've said above is exactly the way it looks to be in the films.

    It was slightly like that for us growing up (in the UK in the 70s) but nothing like to the same extent. The main thing we had to totally change at home was our bad language.

    Good luck with your future posts :-)

  6. Yeah and i also feel indian cities as london of 19th and 20th century in every aspect.

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