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Teenage Bloggers Circle

  1. Hi,
    I'm new in WordPress and I just want to have a friendly start and meet some fellow teen bloggers. Hope we become good blog friends. I would love to check out each others' blogs. Here's mine:
    sorry I don't have much posts up yet

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Welcome to WordPress!

    I'm a teenager who does book reviews. So if you like reading, I review everything from chick lit to horror. I post at least one review or article about books each day.

    The Mad Reviewer

  3. Welcome!

    Im 18 and I blog about pretty much everything.

  4. @elyseksommer
    Welcome to wordpress world!
    You have a great start. I like the header. Theme selection is just perfect. I'm of 19 yet I don't like ageism and almost all of my friends here are above 40 :)
    My blog is ItsPak

  5. Welcome :D:D

  6. Eighteen and I blog about my life and feelings aha.

  7. I am new here as well... and I really want some friends...
    Please visit

  8. I'm sixteen and I blog. :')

  9. Hi, I've been blogging on now for about two months and its going well. My dad helped me set my site up as he has his own blog but check mine out for my thoughts AND celebrity gossip, movie reviews (of films I've seen or want to see), random facts of the day and more ....

  10. Hey! I also welcome you to wordpress!

    I do blogs about i dunno what ever comes into my thoughts (: I will most deff check out your blog!

  11. Hey everyone!

    I'm 16 and new to WordPress and I blog about life really. Not mine in particular but just life in general!

    I'm looking for many fellow teenage blogs to follow so please continue to post your blogs! xx

  12. My bad - made a typo in my like. It's:

  13. elixirofmemories

    Hey! Im 17 and I blog about pretty much everything I'm interested..Mostly Literature and photography :)

  14. I've just started blogging again with a new style to my blog. It's called the Thinker's Guide to Nonsense and that's pretty much want it is, normally me ranting about useless things.
    Would love to have you swing by!

  15. im 16 and i'm just starting to blog on here.come check it out :))

  16. I'm a teen blogger! Check my blog out at

  17. Hi, teenager from South Africa here.

  18. hey, teen gal who blogs on fashion!
    please follow xxx

  19. Hey People!

    I'm an 18 year old from Australia and my blog is rather random. I write mostly about my interests, my life and the awkward things that happen to me.

    Check me out, I'll probably follow back :)

  20. I'm a 16 year old Australian blogger, hallo. I post mostly crap, but occasionally some art (digital and traditional) and some writing. Have a look.

  21. well am what i like to call twenteen-one! I dont like being past 20! but only a year over so it doesn't count! i like to party and atm live a total student bum's life while waiting for a job in the real world! I am new at starting this! so any advise is appreciated!

  22. I just started posting on my new blog today. you guys can check it out if you want. I'll be adding more soon. :)

  23. Hello everyone , please visit my blog. I'm new and I just want to start by receiving some of you'll question on fashionz? Also I give advice on everything. Don't be shy :)

  24. ummm...maybe I'm to young for a blog...but I'm not to young to Express myself...follow my blog if you want. At least view it though,here's a link:

  25. wherewordsmattermost

    Im 16 and I just got started, my posts are mostly poetry at the moment although I hope to start writng up other stuff. I would love it if people could check out my work and give some feedback, followers would be even better. :)

  26. I'm a 17 year old student living in the UK.
    I would love if anyone would check out my blog and read some of my stuff. And i would love it even more if i got some followers. I'm really new to this site, and am looking for some inspiring blogs to look up too!

  27. @jessicajadexo
    Thumbs up! Nice blog with a fabulous start. Keep it up.

  28. photographyfreestyle

    hi there and WELCOME TO WORDPRESS FAMILy!!!!!

    i already visit your blog and i like the "Humans are so complicated…" post
    you're right in what you wrote
    if you like the photos blog check mine:

    hope you like it :)

  29. photographyfreestyle
    sorry i had a problem with the link LOL!!!!

  30. I've been blogging for a while now and I think I'm addicted to it! I just blog about my life in general and I have several features that I have going. Feel free to check it out if you want :]

    Just Another Teen Blogger

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