Teenage blogging community?

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    I’ve been a blogger for a couple of months, and I’d love to see some other teenage blogs.
    I’ve been looking everywhere for a teenage blogging community, but I really haven’t found anything.
    Do you guys have any [blog] suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is meanwhilejessie.wordpress.com.



    Note that tagging anything with teens or teenagers is bound to bring out the middle-aged and elderly creepers who pass themselves off as teens on the internet for nefarious purposes. Also note that we aren’t allowed to use these forums to extend cattle calls for followers of any age.

    This is a technical support forum where we deal only with WordPress.com support issues. Anything else posted here is considered to be spam and is treated accordingly.

    Our technical support forums cannot be used as bulletin boards for blog promotion, business promotion or discussion purposes. Please respect our policy and promote your blog in social networks.

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