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Teenage girls? Where they at?

  1. They at the mall, yo.

  2. @raincoaster. Lol.

  3. elixirofmemories

    Hey! Imma teenage blogger from Kuwait..I blog about basically everything that im interested in at the moment :) I also post my photography...check them out :)

  4. Perhaps a new sticky......... in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS directing TEENS to OTHER TEEN BLOGGERS and BLOGS might be a good idea.

  5. Hey!I'm from the Philippines too!!'m 18!

    My blog is just about my everyday life and nothing's special!We can be friends!

    Here's mine.

  6. phoenixtearsheal

    @ raincoaster - re -

    They at the mall, yo.

    I was about to say similar!
    Mine was - out with teenage boys hopefully, and not on WordPress!

    I've just been wondering how exactly I can word the public profile 'bit about me' on my gravatar, something polite along the lines of -

    'I'm old, I'm boring to young people and there's nothing of interest for you here,please go away, please don't come in my blogs. Lol

    Actually there is a more serious side to this, I wonder how safe these kids are being on places like this, they really should be careful and not wander around the web like little lambs, there are some awfully weird oddballs around!

  7. @dovesgold: Not all of us are wide-eyed lambs. I have never given out any personal information other than my name and general location, which could be found on a quick Google search anyway. And I'd never be stupid enough to meet up with some random person I found online. Hopefully most teens posting here are this way.

    On a less serious note, I love your 'bit about me' suggestion!

  8. phoenixtearsheal

    @ carrieslager - yes I agree, most late teens I've come across on here can be classed as adults, they're working and not school children, and neither speak nor act like children. What I was specifically concerned about was the the type who put up gravatar pictures in which they (rather shockingly to my mind) look as though they are about seven years old.

    So yes sorry if I came across as anti-teens. I know I 'm bothered by something I can do nothing about ie: that, just like other bloggers, I do not know who may be following me, and if, what I class as a child, ie: an under seventeen year old, were to click a like, or leave a comment, then have a worryingly young gravatar picture, this could be clicked upon by some, oh how can I put it.... dirty old weirdo. You get my drift I guess.

    Lol yes we could start a new thread called 'what I would really like to say in the ;hello' section of my public gravater ' :D Mine would have to include: - if you are a dirty old weirdo SOD OFF!

  9. @dovesgold You didn't come across as anti-teen, but thanks for the clarification. Some of the bloggers posting here look and act very young. I share your concerns about teens being targeted because although most teens on here are responsible, there are some who are not very responsible. Hopefully they are smart enough to learn about online safety before they start blogging.

  10. What I was specifically concerned about was the the type who put up gravatar pictures in which they (rather shockingly to my mind) look as though they are about seven years old.

    thats me that looks 7 years old right?


  11. phoenixtearsheal

    @ carrieslager thanks :) and agree yes hope they do learn the 'easy' way.

    @ Jm - yes, I'm very worried, does your mum know you're on here? :D

  12. That's why I had my blog classed as mature. One girl who followed looked about 12 . I mean, not that I write gay porn I wouldn't dream of it; but I do have some (tasteful) erotic images on the site and they aren't for very young kids.

  13. phoenixtearsheal

    I've classed both mine as 'R' because I swore once lol :D

  14. I've also seen some seven years looking blogger here. One of them was just 13 and I was wondering what the heck is she doing here. Blogging not a right place for the kids like them. Blogging is a hobby of old lazy bluffers who have enough time to spend and absolutely nothing to do. Sorry oldies If I sound harsh. :)

  15. gonewiththesummer

    Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, to see my bucket list and all the adventures that come with it, as a teenage girl (:
    Happy Summer!

  16. brainstormingteen

    Hey there, I'm a couple months younger to you and I'm kinda new here. Anyway, here's my blog:

  17. It's nice to see some younger bloggers here! I'm almost 16, and so far the youngest blogger I met was 18! I'll be sure to check out your blogs:)

    I'm a new blogger here, so I only have one post up. But I plan to blog about books, quotes, life, and my experience and attempt at writing.

  18. I'm eighteen and I've had a blog on here for almost a year now {wow!}. I can't believe it's actually been that long! Haha. I just blog about anything that passes through my head really :] Feel free to check out my blog if you want.

    Just Another Teen Blog

  19. I agree that seeing so many teen threads can seem kinda weird, but at the same time, I also see the benefit for associating with people from your own age group. Namely, that hanging around most of the regulars in these forums is probably a lot like being stuck with your parents ... or WORSE, your parent's friends.

    I wonder if this site can adopt something like NaNoWriMo? Their forums are segmented for young writers, teens, 20-somethings, 30-40 year olds, and 50+. Here's a taste of what I'm talking about:

    Say what you will about ageism, but man, it felt kinda nice to hang around the 30-40 forum and jabber about stories we were working on that weren't all young teen romances. Being that this is a forum about blogging, I imagine tastes would run similar lines as well... maybe even more so, since blogs are in essence far more autobiographical.

  20. Why are you guys being kind of judgey about age? (I know judgey is NOT a word) I mean...I'm 13.....that doesn't mean I'm to young to own my own little blog. I've reached the age where I have more maturity than immaturity in me...

    Anyways, If you like a COLORFUL, CRAZY and TEEN blog...visit my blog:

  21. dude who said that blogging is for older people with nothing to do...I think it's a little more for young people from ages 13 -30.....We can sometimes get REALLY bored....and love sharing moments with people who can probably relate some how.

    Especially for Middle Schoolers...we have Summer know...and we don't always have to go's pretty fun staying at home and just getting on Facebook to chat with friends...or just typing out our moments to a that we can feel like we can share a piece of us to the world..

  22. @abigail101m
    Hey you're too young. Where are you from?

  23. I'm a teenage girl blogger too, looking for other bloggers to chat with!
    I'm 17 and from the UK, who only joined earlier today.

    Feel free to pay my blog a visit:

  24. skinnedknee182

    I'm 16 and I just started blogging! (:

  25. notadamselindistress

    Hey there, I'm thirteen, and I mostly blog things I've written.

    Check out my blog! :)

  26. Hey there, I'm middle-aged and own cats! Let's be besties!

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