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(teenage) Writers Unite!

  1. Hey.
    I was thinking that aspiring writers like us should do some writing together. As in perhaps have a writer’s challenge week, A night of write (where we all get online at a given night and reach a writing goal…) and more such stuff. You know to get motivated to write better and have fun. If you are in lemme know and I will mail you more details…?
    I don't know, maybe all of us could be on each other's blog or subscribe to everyone who is in, or make a new page with everyone's then when we need help, got writer's block or just want to talk to fellow writer's we will be able to do it.
    I have got more ideas but is anyone even interested...?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds fun. Could be a little difficult. But it does sound cool. I think it's mainly because I have writer's block. lol

  3. @zoey18
    I read some of your blog and I think you write well! I get writer's block too, a lot. I think if we all get together it will motivate us to cure it whenever we fall victim to it.

  4. Sounds interesting, but I'm not a teenager. Does that disqualify me?

    Zoey - My guess is you have writer's block because you're thinking too much on what you're going to write. Sit back and meditate a bit, just relax, stretch and breathe. Forget about quality and coherence and just write whatever comes to your mind. Worry about making sense when you edit it later. That's always helped me, at least. Hope it helps you.

  5. Sounds like a great Idea, but you can make it part of your blog. Just go through and set up a separate page or blog and have it linked. This way you can share thoughts on several different things, post different writing challenges, and even story starters.

  6. @ishanamaya, of course NOT!!! Hence the word "teenagers" in brackets. I, being a teenager myself, know that "my kind" go through writer's block more then the experienced ones. And at times are also discriminated. No kidding. Everyone is in!
    @camertz08, so you in?

  7. Yeah sounds like fun. I think like what Caleb said, you can post the challenges and the like on your blog. So if I were to partake in the challenge, I would post it on my blog, link back to your blog, and post the link to my response in a comment on your blog. That way it would all be connected.

  8. Sounds like fun. I'm in!

  9. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    Sounds like fun. I wanna do this!

    Where do I start?

  10. sounds like a cool idea :)

  11. @rglee98, I am guessing you read my post on it so you know the details

    @generation26 , if you are in, check the link I mentioned earlier.

  12. Sounds like it could be fun and beneficial. I'll check out the link. Of course, I write about teenagers so that must count for something. ;-)

  13. @flywheel, that does mean you are in right?

  14. I have put the first writer's challenge up. You have seven days to answer.
    Good Luck!

  15. Ooh, this sounds fun, I might not have time to do all of the challenges but I'll stay tuned. (:

    I love writing and blogging; I'm fifteen, just as an fyi-type thing.

  16. @dothedevo, you have till Sunday to take part in the first writers Challenge.

  17. Update: Because everyone is so busy, you have till 20th November to take part in the first Writer's Challenge! So many people couldn't take part because they were nusy, so better late then never!

  18. I'm in :] But the link isnt working. Can I just tell you?
    I have to write the first challenge piece by November 20th right?

  19. Yeah, you have till 20th but since NaNoWriMo would be coming, I think we should hurry up!
    Which link? The one up there? You would find it on my blog...

  20. hellowordsalad

    Sounds nice.
    I wanna join.
    This is my last yr of being a teenager though.

  21. Sounds like a great idea, but I'm going to be a teenager in two years though. Can I still join anyway? And does it resolve around a specific topic(such as love or hatred)?

  22. It isn't only for teenagers.EVERYONE is welcome!
    Details on that link up there; the ninth reply i.e.

  23. Hi, can join? :D

    I'm not exceptionally good, but I'll try. I need the practice either way cause I want to overcome writers block. x)

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