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Teenagers around the world?

  1. monaruthwinberg

    Hey i am a new girl here in WordPress, i just wanted to know if there is some teenagers here! it would be lovely if i can find girls and boys in my age.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll move this topic to the Off Topic Forum.

    You could try Global Tags:
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  3. I'm a teen blogger way up here in Canada. I write book reviews for my own site, The Mad Reviewer and I will soon be writing reviews for We Heart Reading. Hopefully I can write and post one today.

  4. Hey there!
    I'm a teen blogger from Australia!

    And by the way... we don't ride kangaroos to school.. ahahaha :D

  5. Lies!

  6. Hi Guys - just joined too - will take a while to use this thing and know all the tricks i guess. I will try to read as many blogs as I can. I like music from Tallia Storm - amazing new soul singer - she's just 13 yrs old and I love Glee, Lady Gaga and going to the movices. x

  7. Teen blogger from the Southeast US. I cover pretty much anything.

  8. I'm a teen blogger from Pakistan. I like to write but I'm a better photographer. My blog is Itspak

  9. wishingonpotatoes

    I'm a teen blogger from the Philippines. I blabber about girl stuff, ha!

  10. I'm 16, your welcome to look at my blog!
    Thanks! xoxo

  11. thequietvoice18

  12. Hey I'm a female teen too. Welcome to wordpress all of you that said you were new!

  13. I'm a teen blogger that's new to WordPress, too. I just sort of ramble about my life, and maybe I'll post some of my artwork later. Discord

  14. Ditto, I just started a few days ago and everything's pretty new to me. I also talk about my life but I keep general info about myself a mystery. But I usually hint more about myself in my posts.

  15. thesummergames

    Hey I'm a teen blogger also! Check my blog out!

  16. Hey guys!

    I blog about everything really - life. Not mine in particular just things I feel we all go through! Check it out! I'm looking for fellow teenage blogs to follow so please continue to post!

  17. Hai I'm a teen blogger from Cali, land of the sun haha.
    Check out my blog if you can

  18. elixirofmemories

    Hey! Imma teenage blogger from Kuwait..I blog about basically everything that im interested in at the moment :) I also post my photography...check them out :)

  19. I'm 18 and from the Philippines!

  20. Hey there, I'm from the Philippines as well! I mostly blog about my personal life, travel experiences and photography. Welcome to WordPress!

  21. gonewiththesummer

    16-years old, burning the candle at both ends (:
    Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, to see my bucket list and all the adventures that come with it:
    Happy Summer!

  22. thesummergames

  23. Hey hi,
    i am 17 and i am from india. I blog about happening and things that affects me and my life. Its kind of a personal journal.

  24. Hi.

    I write a comedy blog. just started yesterday. Please check it out and follow as more content is imminent. Thanks :)

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