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  1. skinnedknee182

    I just started blogging yesterday and I think it'd be really cool to make some friends on here. Other teen bloggers, I'd love for you to check out my blog and I'll look at yours, too! (:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Click here >
    I see that you posted into most of those threads and wonder why the heck you needed to post another one.

    [opinion] You can do far better by searching and finding blogs with content your really like and truly want to follow. By commenting frequently on them there will be a natural back-flow of traffic to your blog.

    I'm blogging tips blogger and my opinion of "follow me and I'll follow" you threads is that every one should be deleted by the Moderators. If you want to learn how to promote your blog effectively that doesn't mean standing on a cyber street corner begging for followers and it doesn't amount to moooooooooooooooing out cattle calls. You can do much, much better than this. I know you can. [/opinion]

  3. Yawn!

  4. My opinion is that 90% of these "teen bloggers" are 40 year old pervs.

  5. Give it another 13 years and I'll be one of them.

  6. You're precocious, Pete.

  7. @Jessielansdel you are really annoying? you know that? If you don't like us teens here, don't be here, and you don't need to say anything.

  8. blah blah

  9. @king. Yup, that's me. Annoying is my middle name. :D

  10. Another teen looking teens, do a search save you a lot of time.

  11. Hello Annoying, how are you.

  12. "You are really annoying?"

    That should be a statment not a question.

    Youth *shakes head*

  13. Unless the teen is a mutant and/or ninja turtle I have little interest.

    But hey, we all start somewhere.

  14. It's "we teens."

  15. @ ardpete, what youth shakes head ? sorry, did you mean yourself ;)

  16. I was saying youth, then in action asterix's shook my head.

    *shakes head*

  17. Hi Harry. Annoying is ok thanks. Lol. Hope you are. (ok I mean, not annoying) :)

  18. And this is a unique teens thread where mostly are uninvited people, annoying teens.

  19. Ha! You guys are telling me my grammatic errors, meanwhile half of you have incomplete sentences. Learn proper English.

  20. Sour grapes anyone?

  21. Does he mean?

  22. Cheeky snot!

  23. Ha! Don't get angry King, they're just teasing you :) and I'm telling you they all love to do this.

  24. @hnsaifi
    You bet we do. ;)

  25. @ king62198, Pete, Jessie and Timethief are really annoying at times and it looks like hnsaifi is as well, me i do not annoy anyone :)

    @ ardpete, i get your statement now, it's really annoying the way your typed it in the comment.

  26. Don't you? How boring you're.

  27. *shakes head*

  28. I'm that annoying little fly that buzzes you at night when you're trying to sleep. I'm that constant ringing in your ears. I'm that wasp that ruins your picnic and that annoying little ditty that you can't get out of your head.

    I'll shut door on me way out...............:D

  29. I'm not a teen anymore, haven't been for two years unless you don't consider 19 a teenager, then one.

    I write YA novels and personal blogs, I also read YA book reviews and write some of my own. You can check out my blog, I think you'll find there are somethings in common to your own.

    And forget all the people talking about you being a teen and the patronizing.This is a public forum, good for you having interest and sharing them.

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