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Teenagers: UNITE!

  1. This would be embarrassing if no one replied. Haha anyway, I'm a teen and I thought it'd be nice to read other blogs whose authors authors are around my age.

    Post your blog's url here.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Maybe my blog will give provide you with some useful advice about post-secondary; this coming from a 19 year old.

  3. I'm a teenager, too! :) My name is Sierra and I am 15 years old. Anyway, I basically blog about what Jesus Christ has been doing in my life. Hope you guys like it!

  4. Relationship troubles oh the joy! 18 year old called Chloe :)


    would be brilliant if I new my own url LOL.

  6. Gah, sure:

    It's both my personal and writing blog. It can get random.

  7. I just started, I'm going to try my best to keep up with it, I'll check your guys blogs out also.
    Mine is a personal. =)

  8. Oh yeah, I'm going to be 18 on August 19 and my URL is:

  9. I'm a teenager too, 13 years!

    Although it's a new one, I'll post regularly. Topics are - Technology/Science/Nature/Personal/etc..

  10. I am one too :$

  11. loverofgreatbooks

    My horse blogI blog about a normal subject, horses. You can see my blog here.

  12. I'm 20 but I'm definitely still a teen, lol.. I have a cartoon/humor blog called Paroxysm of Outrageous Random News (P.O.R.N.) but I swear there's no porn on it, I just like the name because it sounds scandalous. ;)

    It's nice to know there are so many other teens on WordPress!!!

  13. Hey everyone:) im 15 i recently moved my website to wordpress and i love it:) anyways! my blog is about all news apple! if you have an iPhone iPad or iPod touch or any apple product this blog is for you! I do iDevice modding and jailbreaking. if you dont know what jailbreaking is, its bypassing apple's limitations on your idevice allowing you to download app store apps for free, use complex themes with widgets, add amazing tweaks. basically... it makes your idevice how you want it! my website is blu3sn0w development please check it out and support me! follow me on twitter. @blu3sn0w

  14. Today on the blog we're talking about town celebrations. You can share the name of your town celebration in a comment and read about a town celebration of about 788 people. That's today on the "Ties to a Small Town" blog @

  15. I just turned 17 in July! My blog is about lots of things! I just started it up and I hope all of you enjoy the posts, leave a comment or two (and eventually decide to sub)!

  16. I'm a teen! 17 last March!!! So everybody getting their AS results and stuff next week then?

    My blog is

  17. I also turned 17 last July! Check out my blog <3

    I'll link you guys if you're lazy to click my name xD

    I love seeing others around my age blogging! AWESOME!

  18. i'm 17!! i blog!! hehe

    observations and epiphanies about teenage life..... i try to put in a lot of interesting stuff, but i have quite a few posts and a depressing amount of pageviews =[[

  19. I guess thirteen year olds these days attack others!
    Check mine out... it's epic looking...

  20. i'm new to wordpress (i only have two posts lol) they are a bit random but there about what i think day to day. i will post more. have a look :)
    im 20 btw but i still feel like a teenager

  21. i'm new to wordpress (i only have two posts lol) they are a bit random but there about what i think day to day. i will post more. have a look :)
    im 20 btw but i still feel like a teenager

  22. Hello :) Well I'm new to blogging and officially started on monday. I'm currently 16 and my blog is about life, things of my interest, photography, and pretty much just randomness. Please check out my bog.

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